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 Hi, I am Sylvie.

Sylvie Christ

Welcome to my site, A Woman’s Power, Live a Financially Free Lifestyle.


About Sylvie is a site for powerful women who will take responsibility to live a financially free life. Women who will not depend only on a man for their happiness but are determined to create a completely fulfilled life. This site will show you how to build up an online business, offering you the best platforms, the best tools you need to be successful.

Why this site about a Woman’s Power?

Because I am also a  woman like you who has done what my parents desired me to do, completely normal because we had to learn the right profession to feed ourselves, which is good. Unfortunately, many women on this planet didn’t get a chance to learn a profession but had to wait for a prince on a white horse to come along and save them. You know, I have also dreamt of a prince saving me. I loved to read and watch fairy tales! 🙂

Anyway, I have decided to do nursing training, a profession I had a love/hate relationship with.

As a nurse, I have loved my work very much, but the demands and abuse of nurses working in a stressful environment earning meager income have been ruined my health. In Germany, we still have a deficiency of nursing staff, and the situation has even become worse instead of better.

I have often tried to get out of this stress by studying at university, changing jobs to continue working in my profession, but in different functions. It is my heart to help others, and I can’t stop that.

For several years I have tried to make an income by creating an online business, visited different platforms and affiliate marketers, and discovered I had to pay them quite a lot of money but didn’t receive really a helpful hand.

Till I finally, accidentally, found a platform where I have been offered all the help I needed for little costs. I initially joined them for free, the best step I did, and I never regretted it.

This Affiliate Marketing Platform, Wealthy Affiliate,  has helped me build up my online business, which is growing month by month. There are about two million members, and I read the success stories of the most successful members; I couldn’t go wrong. We are a community that helps each other growing and succeeding. By joining them, you receive training, classes, and technical, emotional, and mental support. I have learned to build a website within a minute, write quality content, find high-ranking keywords, optimize my content for search engines, find affiliate programs to join, and promote my blogs on social media, which I am not fond of, especially not Facebook. However, I learned everything to succeed!

If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, please watch this video below.

Affiliate Marketing is the form of online business of these days and the future. It has never been easier to earn a 6-figure income as it is with Affiliate Marketing. But I warn you; if you think you can earn such an amount of money within some months, I need to disappoint you. You need consistency, motivation, and determination to press forward. It is hard work, and success comes mostly within the first year, but you will never regret it, learning so much for life and building up a constant growing income.

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Why do I Care About You?

I know many women in meager income jobs, trying to get around with a little money. I have known so many women from church and private, like friends who have been in disastrous situations, not getting around with their income.

They are divorced, have children, and need to manage family, house, and children from a low income, often depending on social welfare.

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Some are left for a younger woman, have always cared for their family without updating their knowledge, having trouble getting themselves a job, or have nearly no money left to fix their living costs.

Most men have worked all their life, supporting their families. If they leave their wife and children, it is most likely a disaster for the woman left behind.

But I tell you, there is a way to get out of that. There are so many jobs online where you can quickly develop your own business.

I am here to help you by giving you advice. Motivation and determination are your best friends.

I believe many women are dreaming about a free laptop lifestyle where you can work at home, minding your kids. You are very close to it!

If you are offered a chance, would you not do everything to get out of your situation?

I would, certainly, I would!

And I offer you to get to know this platform. Reach out, and don’t block yourself, as I did. Being scammed so often, I nearly missed this chance because I have been so hurt that I mistrusted everything about affiliate marketing. It was difficult for me to believe that an affiliate platform will finally help me, but I have found this platform where they offer the support I needed so much, and they are promising on their site. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was overwhelmed by the community’s warm welcome, giving me a helping hand, being there for me from the first day on. An amazing experience!

If you have any troubling situation and don’t see the end coming, please don’t wait, but check it out.

                   =====Here you can start for free!=====

The Purpose of my Site


The purpose of my site is to help women worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you live, online is global, and your business can be international or local. If you follow this site, you will quickly learn what suits you, what is best for you.

There are so many ways, and I will show them to you. Please find your own way to earn money, be independent, your own boss, and no victim anymore!

A life of financial freedom is something you can create.


Read the testimonials of several members.


Tony Lee Hamilton


Cassi of Troy


Ivan Broz


These are only a few, but there are so many successful members at Wealthy Affiliate, I can’t list them all here on my About Sylvie page.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To Your Success,


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