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If you are a beginner, I believe you have no idea what it means to “build your online business using a keyword search tool.” I didn’t know!

Well, I have heard about keywords, but I didn’t know the meaning of them. Joining Wealthy Affiliate has helped me understand all the technical terminology, like SEO, Keyword Search Tool, Website Builder, Ranking, etc.

I had no idea at the beginning of my online journey to create a successful online business. Still learning, I can say what has helped me the most was the training I followed at Wealthy Affiliate, watching the videos, joining the classes.

In only a short time, about 4 months, I created three websites and increased my knowledge. If I have questions, the other members help me out. I am very grateful to be a member of this platform.

What is a Keyword Search Tool?

Building an online business using a keyword search tool

I have been asked many times what a keyword search tool is, and I will try to explain it.

To achieve better rankings, professionals use a keyword tool to research specific terms internet users use to search for products or information.

The better the keyword, the better people can find their websites, and the more traffic these sites generate. This can be done by implementing the right keywords into the posts.

A keyword search tool is a program that helps websites and blogs optimizing their performance for the search engines to find them, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The better the keyword, the better users find the websites. Without traffic, you will not be ranked very well, and people will not easily find your website.

There are more criteria to get classified than only the keyword, but this is an important step you have to perform to optimize your SEO site ( Search engines Optimization). The higher the scores, the better your site’s performance and the increase of your website’s traffic.

Increased organic traffic is the key to success.

There are different keyword research tools, like Soovle, Jaaxy, Semrush, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console, not traditional keyword search tools. My recommendation is Jaaxy because I know this tool very well.

We use it at Wealthy Affiliate. I see the many success stories of members who have their blogposts ranked very soon after joining the platform using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is easy to use and receiving the QSR( Quoted Search Results), you will quickly see if your keyword has a lot of competition. The less competition, the better rankings for your posts. I will explain it to you in a minute!

How to Use a Good Keyword Search Tool?

I will give you the example using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

This screenshot shows you the keyword ” What is a keyword search tool” without QSR.

You see that the keyword gets lots of traffic, about 4336,  meaning that many people search this special keyword.

The keyword is “What is a keyword tool?” If you check the QSR, you will see it is perfect, around 100, letting you know to use it for your blogpost to get ranked.

You see, the QSR is 56, which is a perfect one. Using this keyword or a keyword below 100 will help you to get ranked very well. The lower this number will be, the better the ranking.

By using the alphabet soup, you can find even more potent keywords. This is one example showing you how to search for powerful keywords.

Why is a Good Keyword Important?

The right keyword is a great tool to draw traffic to your website, organic traffic. I have explained already that organic traffic means people are searching the internet for a specific product coming to your website, that is traffic: the higher your traffic, the higher your conversion.

searching google with a lupe People read your blogs and might purchase a product via your site using an affiliate link.

You want certainly increase your organic traffic so that your site stays ranked high on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is our goal!

However, people are paying for traffic coming to their sites, but using a keyword research tool brings traffic to your site for free.

It takes more time to grow because you need to write posts with strong keywords, including a new keyword. In this manner, you will get free organic traffic, and finally, conversion means you want to get someone to click on your affiliate link, call to action button, or fill out an email form. Having many posts using different strong keywords builds a good powerful basis for high-ranking blogs and increased visitors’ traffic coming to your website.

What is a Low Hanging Fruit Keyword?

I showed you how to use a keyword research tool using Jaaxy, but it applies to all keyword tools. Some keywords have high competition, meaning that the more websites use them, the less you could count on visitors to come to your site.

Many people using the same keywords will bring a lot of competition around getting ranked in high positions. Better is to use a low competition keyword, a score under 100 QSR has less traffic, but still better possibilities to rank higher.

It would help if you always go for a low-hanging fruit keyword because it gives you a better chance to build up traffic by search engines ranking you high on their pages.

I show you the screenshot using Jaaxy again.


Jaaxy sceenshot with QSRYou see, the keyword “does vitamin C boost immunity?” has a QSR of 17, traffic is 53, which makes this keyword a low-hanging fruit keyword.

Using it might give you a better ranking. Another important point is that it is better to find longtail keywords consisting of several words, as you can see above.

Longtail keywords tend to rank better and help get a better SEO score, which should always be between 80 and 100. It helps your site to receive better positions.

You need to know a lot to set up an online business, but it is nothing to worry about. While doing it, you will learn how to increase your knowledge.

If you don’t want to search everything by yourself using google and YouTube, you could read.

my number one recommendation

It will save you time, gives you all the training and help you might need. You can join for free!

Final Thoughts

Building a website is one side of the medal, but to use the right tools is certainly a plus point. Optimization is essential when you want to succeed in your online business. A good website builder and a keyword research tool, an excellent plugin to optimize SEO are vital for your business.

For getting a high ranking among the first three positions by the search engines, searching for low-hanging fruit keywords to increase the organic traffic, is vital.  The better the keyword, the better the ranking; the more visitors, the more traffic, the more conversions. That is the trick!

If you have a question or remark, please put it below in the comment section. I would love to hear from you, what you think, and what your experiences are.

To your success,


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4 Thoughts on “Build Your Online Business Using a Keyword Search Tool”

  • I just started working on my first blog and was really confused about what exactly a keyword was and how it may benefit me and my website. This post provided some amazing information.

    It was extremely easy to understand especially for someone who had very little idea of keywords.

    After reading all this information I feel like I am well informed and able use it in my website.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Elias, Thank you very much for your comment! I am glad that I could help you understand the keywords and use of it better. Yes, it is essential to include good keywords so that you can get ranked.
      You are very welcome!

  • I love this article about keywords
    I found it really informative and interesting. You really make it sound so easy using the Jaaxy tool as a beginner.

    Fortunately I do agree with you regarding the use of Jaaxy . I’ve had some experience with this awesome tool and yes, it is indeed great as you described.
    You can really build your online business using this tool.

    There are other key factors of Jaaxy such as using the alphabet soup, brainstorming and related keywords to help you build your keywords portfolio.

    Before I write my articles, because of my competitive nature , I always check site analysis.
    This allows me to see who is in first ranking position and also the keywords that that caused me to be in that position.

    Another important thing that I frequently do is to use Jaaxy to check the ranking of my articles.
    This not only builds my confidence, but it also reassures me that I’m using my keywords appropriately.

    You have written a brilliant article with lots of great insights. It was an enjoyable read.

    • Thank you very much, Simone! You are very right! With Jaaxy, we can do far more than searching for good keywords. Great that you confirm everything I have said! And it is a great tool to check our rankings! 🙂

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