Needed Tools to Build a Website

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Please read my Affiliate Disclosure here! For setting up an online business, you need to have several tools to create your website, find the right keywords, design your logo or images, and need help that doesn’t cost so much. I have put some together; you could check them out, trying them for free. Site Rubix … Read more

Build Your Online Business Using a Keyword Search Tool

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Please read my Affiliate Disclosure here! If you are a beginner, I believe you have no idea what it means to “build your online business using a keyword search tool.” I didn’t know! Well, I have heard about keywords, but I didn’t know the meaning of them. Joining Wealthy Affiliate has helped me understand technical … Read more

How Do You Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Business?

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Please read my Affiliate Disclosure here! How do you set up an affiliate marketing business? There are still people who have no idea about how to set up an affiliate marketing business. In fact, some people don’t even know what an affiliate marketing business is. And I understand it very much because I didn’t have … Read more

Do You Think You Can Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

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Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure here! Very often, I hear this question from newbies at Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Well, honest, you can earn big money by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Still, honestly, you have to write a huge amount of content, posts, and reviews before seeing any … Read more

What do You Need to Know Starting an Online Business- Think About!

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Please read my Affiliate Disclosure here!   So you are here seeking answers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come to this website. You might think about what you need to start an online business and don’t know where to search and where to start. You already made up your mind to start an online business; that … Read more

The Wealthy Affiliate University- Education Never Stops!

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Please read my Affiliate Disclosure here!   Hi, my name is Sylvie. You know that I wrote the blog about “Living a free Life-Style” because this is my heart, living free wherever I want to stay. Now I had many questions about how to do be able to live a financially free life. I will … Read more

Why Do Most Blogs Fail to Make Money? The Ugly Truth!

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Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure here! You heard of people making big money writing blog posts and promoting affiliate products, and your goal might be building up an online business creating content in a certain niche. It is a good plan, and you might have read about the successful Affiliate Marketers who earn 6 – … Read more

How to Write an Article for a Website In Affiliate Marketing?

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Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure Here! I don’t know if you have liked writing articles in school, but I loved it. Thinking about a theme, using my imagination, and writing something right of my heart has become a tool for me since then to ventilate my thoughts. How to write an article for a website … Read more

How can I Increase the Traffic on My Website? – A Real Impact

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Please, Read my Affiliate Disclosure Here! Every affiliate marketer depends on traffic; otherwise, there will be no sales. How can I increase the traffic on my website to have a real impact? It is actually not so difficult if you work persistently, and if you avoid some mistakes, many beginners are doing, including myself, have … Read more