Do You Think You Can Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

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Very often, I hear this question from newbies at Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Well, honest, you can earn big money by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Still, honestly, you have to write a huge amount of content, posts, and reviews before seeing any results with affiliate marketing. Most super earning members here at Wealthy Affiliate are already on this platform for about three years and more. So, in the beginning, you are occupied with the training and classes and asking many questions while writing high-quality content, which doesn’t leave you any space for other things.

I am not a native English speaker, so it took me nearly a day to finish my articles, but I finished my posts within four hours with practice. This is with all things you practice! You become skilled. This also confirms the saying ” the way is our success ” because if you keep walking and finishing your training as you are explained, you will finally succeed. Never compare yourself with others; your low self-esteem will help you fail, which is certainly not your intention. But I use a special program; it is called Grammarly. Even if you are a native, you better register with them.

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Do You Think About Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you know what Affiliate Marketing is? This is affiliate marketing! If you join via my link, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost for you! If you set up an affiliate marketing business, you will promote other people’s products, build up your monthly income, and receive one-time or recurring commissions.

If you are thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate, you could try the free trial and first check out what this community is all about. If you think Wealthy Affiliate is something for you, you could upgrade the membership.

With a free trial, you already have access to creating one website using SiteRubix, and receiving training visiting the first module. However, you will be supported by the community if you have any questions. This is a good way of finding out if you would like to register with a paid membership.

I started from the first day and already used the module, created my website while having access to one theme in WordPress. If you would like to have more time doing the training and also classes, you could register with premium or premium plus, receiving a discount for one month. A month is already a great time to check out the training, follow the courses, visit the classes, learn how to find a good niche, and write quality content.

The discount for both memberships is nearly 60%, which you can get already for $19, and $49 check out the platform. I recommend it to you very much! It helped me very much while asking my questions and receiving technical support.

Well, keep in mind that the first months can be quite overwhelming if you had nothing to do before with affiliate marketing. You might feel overloaded with information, and this is an absolutely normal condition. Don’t be afraid! I felt that way, and I already had a lot of information beforehand.

Do You Think You Can Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Did you already read information or reviews online about the platform? I believe if you have read reviews and information, it was all positive. I couldn’t find any negative information about Wealthy Affiliate. However, I found one about Jaaxy, the keyword research tool they use at Wealthy Affiliate, but this is not disturbing.

Do you think you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Otherwise, there are no negative ratings or reviews throughout the internet, making me go for it.  WA has nearly two million members and more than 800000 active members earning money with their affiliate marketing, ebooks, and e-commerce. That makes this platform an outstanding and well-working affiliate marketing platform. Some members have been quite successful while being members for nearly a year but really have been succeeding when they hit the two-year mark. And believe me, they had experienced the time when they wished to stop.

However, if you want to take the short-cut way to success, you might better play the lottery because it doesn’t exist. I will show you many testimonies that Wealthy Affiliate is working. The very successful top affiliate marketers had spent years building up their business, even when affiliate marketing wasn’t recognized very much.

So, if you think you are smart to earn money on the second day of joining an affiliate platform, or within some months, I tell you, it is possible to make a referral or sell some stuff from Amazon, but not to earn a 6 – figures income within a short time. Forget about that! It is somewhat naive, and I nearly have to laugh. I am already in the business since 2016 and have tried to build up my business, but joining the wrong affiliate marketers had me delayed the success.

But now, I can absolutely say that this platform is worth trying. I recommend it to you, and you can jump on the free trial by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

=========Try Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial============

When I bought a product from a German Affiliate Marketer, I didn’t even receive my refund, but he is earning millions. There are so many bad guys out there that you need to be careful.

Wealthy Affiliate is real, trustworthy, and affordable, your ticket to real success! I can say it with an honest heart.

What Do The Testimonies Say About Wealthy Affiliate?

Wow, I love the testimonies because they are real! There are so many successful members earning 6 and 7 – figures of income, that is amazing. I am on my way to earn that amount of money, and you can also do.

Now it is time to let you read the testimonies. Click on the images, and you can read their stories. Please, enjoy!

Do you think you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Nathaniell, WA

Littlemama, WA

Eddy Salomon, WA

Tony Lee Hamilton, WA


These are only very few success stories I have shown you, but there are many! Maybe you would like to join the starter and see it yourself.

Maybe You Would Like to Try Out the Starter Membership!

Please, do yourself a favor, and don’t skip this, but if you are really serious about affiliate marketing, you should definitely think about joining the free trial. Not for me, because I have enough people who join Wealthy Affiliate, but for yourself! I was also skeptical, believe me, but luckily I could overcome it and give Wealthy Affiliate a try. And I never regretted it, so you might not regret it, but do join the free trial to find out if this is for you.

Most affiliate marketers who sell products have no free trial, and you need to pay much money to find out if they work, but not Wealthy Affiliate; they give you a chance. Zero risk!

Zero Risk, Wealthy Affiliate

Don’t let this chance pass you! I get a small commission, but that is not the only reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate! It is for you! If you have a difficult life, you might want to escape and build up a real business. You will not regret it!. I am here to support you to succeed if you want me to be there for you! And I will send you links to help you to succeed.

Please get in contact with me when you have joined. I will be your coach, and I will help you to become a successful member, like all of us. Here at the platform are so many members who try to help you! You will certainly be overwhelmed, but I tell you that they are honest and interested in supporting you! So use your free trial, and see it yourself!

Final Thought

Do you think you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate? I really believe you can. Joining this platform will help you to succeed. There is a risk-free trial that will help you to find out if you like this platform. If you want to build up an affiliate marketing business, please know that you need to write plenty of quality content to get there, but you will get there. The top members could do it; you will do it! Just believe you can!

Please, tell me about your experiences! Have you ever tried to build an affiliate marketing business? To whom did you try? Please, let me know! I would love to hear about it!

To Your Success!


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