Empire- Free Traffic System! Does It Work?

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Hi, I came across this system that claims to get sales within some hours by flooding the sites with free traffic. Amazing claim, isn’t it? But everything that sounds great makes me first suspicious. So I decided to dive deep into this system and find out if this claim is true. Please follow me in my review of the Free Traffic System!


Empire System

Details of Free Traffic System

Product: Empire System

Owner: Fergal Downes

Costs: $1 for 14 days, but then $ 37 per month

Purchase: Clickbank

What is This Product About?


Fergal Downes claims that he has found a method for making $128 + per day with free traffic in just 30 minutes per day. That sounds too good to be true, is my first thought.


Fergal Downes

Fergal claims that his brand is a new method that finally makes it easy for anyone to make sales online as an affiliate marketer without the need for them ever to create their own product. He claims that he earns high commissions every day, invest about 30 minutes per day.

This system is about creating unlimited traffic to any website, so your site will bring you a flood of sales. Every newbie will be able to work with their system. They claim that their method will make it easy for you to build an online business and see results quickly. It will only take an hour to set the system up and start to see results almost directly.

There is a video showing you precisely the steps to do. You don’t need special skills.

The steps are described as:

  • Follow along with the video training
  • Get everything set up in the next 30-60 minutes
  • Start the Empire process
  • Go to bed tonight knowing that you have begun something that is going to change your life.
  • Repeat the process every day with just 30-60 minutes of work.


It sounds too simple?

Fergal and his team are showing you the results of their earnings using Empire System to convince you that this system works. He let some of his students review the product, confirming that it is working for them.


  • Fergal is real! He is also an affiliate marketer who has started working hard to earn money online and live a financially independent life.
  • This system seems to work fine. Many real reviews of enthusiastic members.
  • There is a $1 trial available for 14 days.
  • The membership of $37 per month is affordable.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee which shows that Fergal Downes is very sure about his product.
  • There is step-by-step training you can follow.
  • Free one-to-one training with Fergal Downes.
  • System support.
  • Continuously updates.
  • It is no scam, but legit.


  • This is no get-rich-quick system, so don’t purchase the product following the wrong motivation, but focus on learning and implementing the steps you have learned into your business.
  • It is only online available.

My Opinion


It is not a scam, and if you would like to look into the 14 days trial, here is the link!

Trial for just $1


Would I recommend it? Yes, I do, especially because you can try out for very little money, and you have a money-back guarantee which gives me a good feeling that they are honest.

            ==My #1 Recommendation==



However, I will show you the #1 recommendation I have followed, giving me the best results. It is a real, secure system, and for everyone, a great opportunity to build a successful online business, becoming a successful entrepreneur.

They also have a free starter membership, so you can look around, get to know the platform, and find out if this is something for you. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Empire- Free Traffic System! Does It Work?”

  1. $128 + per day with free traffic in just 30 minutes per day sounds too good to be true, so I was surprised to read that it is legit and that the founder of this company is real and that even users are happy with the product. I do think, though that this claim of $128 us per day is probably true for more experienced marketers and not for beginners, so many people may sign up expecting quick money and turn away disappointed, right?

  2. Hi Sylvie,
    I wouldn’t trust it as well, even it is legit. I did also an investigation online for reviews and found only positive reviews. Now it is an automatic program, and maybe if it is set up, that there will be free traffic and generated sales, but I think I would also go for the second option you have introduced, Wealthy Affiliate. I have checked out your link, and I am going to try the starter’s option. I will let you know!

    • Hi Henk, I see your English is also quite good! 🙂 I think that there is a money-back guarantee and the fact it doesn’t cost much is a reason to try this system. You could always ask for a refund back! 🙂

  3. I agree with your initial thought that this sounds too good to be true. And even after reading the review, I’m still a bit skeptical. However, which such a low cost to begin and a 60-day money back guarantee, I suppose it’s worth it to try for those who want to. Thank you for providing this information!

    • Hi Dereck, Thank you for your comment! You are very right! And especially because the guarantee is 60 days, so that is good to find out if this system works. They are undoubtedly sure of their product, and this is a great sign. 🙂


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