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If you have a website and want people to recognize your website and your posts, you need to find the best keywords for your website suitable for your niche. Excellent keywords are important to be found by the search engines.

Please stick with me; I will show you how to find the best keywords for your website, not only to get indexed by the search engines but also to get ranked in a high position helping readers to find your blogs. It is not so difficult if you know the process and how to apply it.

Once you are getting used to the methods, you will always find great keywords. Read on; I will show you the steps to take, using screenshots to explain it to you.

What are Keywords?

Being a beginner, you might not know what keywords are and what their meaning is. I understand that very much because I have been there, and it took me quite a while to understand what the best keyword is for a website and how to find it. It can be pretty much overwhelming in the beginning to learn and to settle all information about all the topics around building a website.

But believe me, it will get easier.

Well, what are keywords?

Keywords are a word or phrase typically searched by bloggers or online content creators to rank a webpage on a particular topic. This is what Wikipedia says, and it describes it very well. A keyword is a word or phrase that people search on the internet to answer their questions. If you have a certain keyword people are looking up for very often, you will be ranked higher, hopefully on the search engines’ first page, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so your posts will be read by the internet users.

If many people find your posts as the first answer to their requests, you create organic traffic to your site, most important for every blogger or content creator. Without organic traffic, you will not create an authority website and an efficient online business, selling products promoting affiliate links.

If you google a certain topic, you get several keywords for your post. The best keywords are phrases, also called longtail keywords for search engines, proving that people will look broader, typing a whole phrase into the search bar.

In some minutes, I will show you the process with the help of screenshots. 🙂

Why Do You Need Keywords for Your Website?

I mentioned it already that by using certain keywords, your posts are falling or ranking. It is essential to find the best keywords for a website; otherwise, you will have trouble being recognized by the readers. Competition is powerful.

There are so many websites writing content every day that it is difficult to keep up with them if you don’t understand how to use keywords. For a blogger, it is our daily bread to create high-quality content with strong well-ranking keywords. As your traffic increases, you will most likely sell products via affiliate links and earn good money.

I did it wrong in the beginning!

But I will show you very detailed how to proceed, so you might avoid making my mistakes. Good keywords need to be repeated in your posts, not only once or twice but several times. I included my keywords in some posts only twice; that is not enough.

You shouldn’t stuff your post either way, but at least a post of written 2000 words needs to have the keyword included about six times. You see, it is a complete study and research in the beginning, and it can be overwhelming, but if you know and understand, it works by itself.

The niche is not important; every niche works fine. Of course, some niches are trendy, like making money online for free. Or websites about digital devices, baby products, or cats and dogs( a pet website). These websites are going well. Otherwise, competition is more present in these niches, making it difficult to rank, making it essential to have good keywords.

Consistency in writing content, searching for the best keywords for your website will show the search engines finally, you are an authority in your niche, ranking your articles high, supporting the improvement of organic traffic to your site.

How to Find the Best Keywords for a Website?

Now we come to the fun part of this blog, showing you how to find the best keywords for your posts. I will use screenshots to explain to you the steps to take. 🙂

Looking up in Google and searching for a relevant keyword for your post and niche, you will find many keywords you could use in your blogs, even setting them on a list for later. I’ll show you!

Find the Best Keywords for a Website!

My keyword is ‘ How to create a Website for free?’

Googling it, Google shows authority websites that are already ranked on the first positions and gives us suggestions for keywords, showing us what internet users want to know. The Dutch words ‘Mensen vragen ook’ mean ‘people also ask,’ and what people also ask is a source for new keywords for us.

If you use a keyword search tool like Jaaxy, you can directly see which one is a  good keyword. I will show you. I explained in another blog how to use keyword search tools like Jaaxy, looking up for low-hanging fruit keywords.

Screenshot Jaaxy, keyword search


Our keyword is ‘How to create a website for free?’ and you can see on the screenshot that there is a high search volume on this specific keyword but low competition; if you would like to read my blogs about Jaaxy, I explain how to understand the terms on the screenshot. You will always go for low-hanging fruit, meaning a keyword with a low QSR, under 100, and a good amount of traffic, meaning the search volume.

If you keep this in mind, you know how to find great keywords that rank. In this manner, you can find many keywords and list them, collecting many high-quality keywords for your niche as a source for your blog posts.

I can recommend Jaaxy as a keyword research tool for you, but of course, there are many others you could purchase. However, Jaaxy is affordable and very easy to use.

2 More Ways of Finding the Best Keyword For a Website

Google is one way of searching certain keywords, but you could also go to Yahoo answers and Ehow to find good keywords.

1) Yahoo Answers

I will search again for ‘How to create a website for free?’, showing you the screenshot of Yahoo Answers.

Screenshot of Yahoo Answers

You can see that Yahoo comes up with many possibilities for a longtail keyword, here above in the screenshot under Also Try. Next time you write a blog, you could use some keywords, searching again in Jaaxy to find a low-hanging fruit keyword with low competition, and start writing your post. These keywords are very excellent to put on your list, giving you more ideas for new posts.

2) EHow

screenshot Ehow

On Ehow, you can search for the same keyword and end up with several keywords you could use in your posts, the same as Google and Yahoo Answers. It amazes me always how many keywords I can find in every niche. Actually, if you know how to search for them, you have always a topic to write about. Using Jaaxy to narrow your choice of keywords, finding a low-competitive one will provide you with many keywords to pick for your articles.

I will include a video to watch every step applying what you have learned in this blogpost to create great success with your articles, increasing organic traffic, and improving your rankings on search engines.

Screenshot video, explanation Jaaxy

Final Thought

I hope I could help you understand how to collect great keywords for your blog posts and why we need keywords in our articles and find great ones using, for example, a keyword search tool like Jaaxy.

Please, go ahead, studying my blogs about keyword search tools and Jaaxy, learning the connection between choosing the best keyword for a website or a low-quality keyword that will bring no shine to your site.

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As usual, I would like to know if you have any questions or suggestions for improving my post. Please, don’t hesitate, and let me know what you think. 🙂

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