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Many people nowadays try to build an online business as a blogger and affiliate marketer. For starting a business, is it essential to have the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, an expression coming from the French language and its meaning is to be a business person, someone who thinks and acts innovatively. Many blogger and affiliate marketers start from different positions, like working a job, being jobless, being a mother, or a student, etc. They have no experience in creating and setting up an online business.

I didn’t have experience and investigated the internet, where you find a big hype coming from many people who try to earn money fast and had no intention of helping me. I can put together a list of names in the English and German-speaking areas, mainly the USA and Germany, of platforms and affiliate marketers who are not trustworthy in my eyes. Horrific, what they promise you to get your money.

If you have to build up an online business in your mind, you better develop a strong mindset of a successful entrepreneur that will help you very much on your way, increasing persistence and determination, two characteristics helping you to succeed.

Creating an Online Business

Have the mindset of a successful entrepreneur

Creating an online business is not done in a second. The best you can do is to brainstorm and set goals, write them down on paper, and maybe placing them on a mirror; you pass several times per day. Building an online business will use up a lot of energy to walk towards your goal.

To succeed and be persistent, you better write a business plan where you write down points to reach your goals, getting an overview of your financial budget. I tell you that it is not easy from my experience, and you need a long breath to be consistent. But finally, you will come there if you create a mindset towards winning and success.

This is not something that comes overnight, especially not working in a demanding job, raising your children, being a wife and mother. You will certainly have enough stress to crush before you reached your goal. However, writing a business plan will help you to organize your time and money.

I haven’t liked writing a business plan, but it helped me clarify my thoughts and ideas, organizing them on paper.  It is natural for me to first think about how I can help others by providing answers to their questions and writing a blog to meet their needs. It is a blessing but also a curse. I tried to build up a business helping women to look better using high-quality makeup and selling the products. I finally stopped the business because I couldn’t resist helping women who had no money to buy these products and ended up giving them away. It is certainly not a bad characteristic, but it doesn’t help earn money as an entrepreneur. Everything needs to be in balance!

Creating an online business doesn’t need perfection initially, but following your goal, you will learn a lot and improve your skills.  I finally used a platform combining all; a website builder, a keyword research tool, training, classes, and support, etc., much reason that I will recommend this platform, Wealthy Affiliate. Check out the Picture Below!

Wealthy Affiliate Platform, Home

You can develop a fantastic business in what area you desire for a small amount; it doesn’t matter. You will learn so much! Ok, it might take 1 year of building your business, but it is worth it. I am doing it for my husband’s and my pension because the state pension might not be enough. The reason might vary between us, every person has different desires and goals, but it doesn’t matter. Please follow me, and you will be amazed at the fact of what you can accomplish. If you are a student or a single mother, you will be surprised at what you can create.

Being a Successful Blogger

Blogging is a great opportunity to build a successful business. There are so many different platforms to join, like Google or Wealthy Affiliate. It depends on your needs and skills. If you create a blogging website, you will include affiliate links in your content or let Google do this for you. By promoting other people’s products, you earn a small commission if another person will buy via your link. That is affiliate marketing.

wordpress, blogging post

Most important is as a blogger to write high-quality content that engages your readers to comment and share your creations on social media. Having a depressed or low mindset will not help you reach your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur, a reason why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you having a mentor and being supported in every area to help you succeed.

Becoming a successful blogger takes time, practice, and determination to write quality content that invites your readers to engage. But I also have noticed choosing a good theme for your website is a must. I chose quite many themes that I get for free, and I had disturbances all the time. Going pro is a better option if you plan to have your website running for years. I still need to do this with this website, especially because the font letters are tiny, tiring the readers’ eyes.

When you are a blogger, you can include affiliate links from companies you want to promote and get a commission; I told you already above. For me, it has been important only to choose companies I know to align with the topics I am writing about, like sustainability, health, or being supportive and exclusive. In this manner, I am not recommending only thinking about receiving huge commissions but first helping others reach their goals.

I think transparency and honesty are the main attributes we should have for the business, something we would like others to be.

How to Develop the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur?

First, it is essential to OWN your business and imagine yourself as a businessman/woman. Overcoming every disturbance or difficulty by marching on as a soldier, not getting distracted in daily imbalances improves our mindset.

a business man joyful in front of a building, raising his arms

I try not to get soaked into the negativity and jealousy of people in my surroundings but instead stay focused on my business. Nobody shall stop me! I love what I am doing and have put many hours daily into blogging and performing my websites, finding good affiliate programs, creating beautiful Pinterest pins, and spending time on Twitter to promote my articles.

To develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, we need to be persistent in reaching our goals. I think it is essential to plan, write down a list of your short-time and long-time goals. Having written a business plan helps you focus on your strategy and observing where you need to adjust some points. Staying focused and positive is a must due to the many hours and days where you will be tempted to give up because you don’t see any development in your business.

It is a long-time business, and I tell you, you might need some years before it works out, but then you are in, creating an income that lets you stop working in your job, giving you more freedom for an independent lifestyle. Sure, it depends on what your goals are. My goal is to take care of my pension because I don’t trust the government, and the development of the pension scheme shows that we have to worry about our pension; that is real.

However, I love blogging, and I can imagine doing it for the rest of my life. 🙂

Have the Mindset of Success

I already blogged about the law of attraction and how negativity and self-doubts are blocking your creativity. If you have been belittled as a child, you will carry this feeling about yourself into adulthood, sabotaging your creativity, and life, and success. I did it a very long time in my life, trying to work hard but never expecting to succeed and earn big money. The hard work has given me two massive burnouts and several autoimmune disorders. But I could recover and, by living healthy, control the autoimmune disorders, all done by myself; a doctor couldn’t even tell me that I had to find out what damages my immune system to the extent of sabotaging and destroying the own cells. They have been giving medications that don’t help me, only their pockets and the pharmacy.

friends, sitting together

However, I searched the internet to build an online business and earn money as an affiliate marketer through blogging. Now I am determined to build a successful business and earn good money for my husband and my life.

If I tell you that my family is not happy for me, they still wait on my failure because that is what my family wishes me to happen. They don’t want me succeeding because it troubles the picture they have about me. I tell you that I am not bothered anymore, what my family thinks of me. I have suffered the most years of my life from the rejection in my family, so I don’t care anymore.

I still can’t deny my character, and wish them all the best, and try to help where I can, but I know that my success will not be received joyfully by them.

If you will build up a business, it is you who needs to be focused and motivated. For this to happen, you better seek friends who love you to succeed and who are great examples of success for you. Program your mindset towards success, and you will receive it. I love the quote: ” Success is the best revenge! ”

success, as a seed. Money in glasses as a seed

However, to be successful, you need to be transparent and honest to your customers and readers. What you sow, you will reap! 🙂

Final Thought

Developing a successful entrepreneur’s mindset depends on you, your plans, your goals, and your determination, following your desires. I believe if we are programmed towards success, we will build successful businesses that are flourishing. Leaving negative people behind who try to trample us under their feet by criticizing our accomplishments and efforts and better search for positive people who do motivate and praise you to success is a step further to a positive social environment. You need friends who love you to succeed and support you. And you must change your mindset and stay focused and determined; thus, you will succeed!

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us! I would love to hear what you are thinking!

To your Success,


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4 Thoughts on “Have the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur”

  • Sylvie,

    I’m sorry that your family hasn’t supported you in this endeavor. I’m lucky that my family has, but most of my friends haven’t. I’m in the same boat as you. I started out blogging, still am actually, and fumbled through a lot of it in the beginning. I still do sometimes, but I’ve gotten better as time has passed. I lost my job last year from things I couldn’t control. I went from making a really good wage to nothing. I even had to fight it in court to win even getting unemployment.

    In the beginning, I was scared. I didn’t have any savings, I spent it on all paying off debts since we were in the process of buying a house. Well, that dream was crushed on that terrible day in Feb last year.

    Last year was my third time losing a job at a corporation that I had no control over. I was tired of it. I knew that I could find another good paying job, work hard for the next couple of years to get back to where I was. But then what? In 5 years risk losing it again? Starting over a fourth time? See, when life throws me something several times like it did, I learn my lesson. I didn’t want to start over again. I had had enough!

    I decided to start my business. Sure, I was terrible in the beginning. I probably still am! But I’m determined. I’m going to be successful. Even if it takes me 5 years. I don’t care. I’m going to keep at it and I’m going to be my own boss. Well, I am my own boss. Even on days I don’t feel like working, I tell myself I’m calling in sick. I’ll make up for it tomorrow and work twice as hard. It’s a commitment I made to myself and I’m sticking with it.

    And it is hard. Every day, I work for free. But that’s okay. I’m still building my customer base. If I opened a brick and mortar store, it would take years to be recognized and get customers. However, that takes upfront costs. Also, that comes with limited customers in Anchorage, AK with a population of only 300K. Sure, I could go online and try that route, but many businesses up here have shut their doors. I’m not going to be one of them. So, I’m working towards a goal. And you are too.

    Don’t let your family cut you down, like you said. You’re in this for you. Stay positive! Because once that success hits, it’s time for that, “I knew I could do it!” moment.

    Thanks for sharing this. It was a great read!


    • Wow, Katrina, You went through a lot! Luckily, I always had my work so that I could finance myself. You are so right to begin for yourself, the best you could do. I enjoy it very much to build up my business, and you are right about the recognition. If we have an offline or online business, it takes time to get recognized and grow. People have first to get to know the business; otherwise, we will not earn anything.
      Anchorage has a small population; I would love that. I’m not too fond of crowded areas, like the Netherlands, but I am married to a Dutchman, so we have to stay here, due to his business.;) An online business gives us financial independence, and that is such a beautiful feeling. Working hard to get the business going is something normal, and the results will be amazing! Keep going, Katrina! You will get there! You have a strong mindset! 🙂

  • Hi Sylvie,

    Thanks for this article showing us the correct mindset we should have toward our online business. It’s so true that we can write down our business plan and stick to it instead of quitting after a few months. I often see people give up their online business just because they don’t see positive results after three to six months, not a correct mindset. Running an online business is just like running a real business in the world. It takes hard work, persistence, and determination to make it work.

    It’s also important to be around likely-minded people who can motivate you to go further for your online business. That’s the reason Wealthy Affiliate is so amazing and the best platform to start for beginners.


    • Hi Matt, you are so right, and stopping within 6 to 12 months is certainly not an option. Every business takes time, an online business as well! I believe people who think it is done in some months, earning lots of money, are wrong and don’t understand business. If Henry Ford would have given up, and he was 5 times bankrupt, he wouldn’t have success as he did. And many others too. A real businessman gets up again and will never stop! Thank you very much for your comment, Matt! Very much appreciated! 🙂

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