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Every affiliate marketer depends on traffic; otherwise, there will be no sales.

How can I increase the traffic on my website to have a real impact?

It is actually not so difficult if you work persistently, and if you avoid some mistakes, many beginners are doing, including myself, have done.  There are many ways to bring traffic to your website, paid and free. At the beginning of your online business, you will not have a huge budget, and I guess creating free traffic is the best you can do. I will give you several points to look at, increasing your traffic and the number of readers coming to your website. Let’s have a look!

Different Sources of Traffic

There are different sources to increase your traffic.

1) Organic Traffic

2) Social Traffic

3) Referral Traffic

There are two ways to create more traffic: free or paid traffic, the last one creates high-speed traffic, but you have to pay for it. Companies use this strategy very often, but for beginners, it is quite expensive; if you don’t have a certain budget for your business which you need first paying expenses. Creating free traffic takes up quite a time because you need to promote your websites and posts to get people interested in reading your posts and leaving their email addresses. When you start building a website, blogging posts, you need to write content nearly every day to get in higher positions of the search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so that people can find your website. This takes quite a time before you see success. If you have created high-quality content for months, you will notice that your position is going up. I am honest with you; it is hard work. If you are willing to pay the price, you can earn a 4,5, or 6 -figure income for real. However, if you think you will be rich overnight, I have to disappoint you, and believe me, all out there who are shouting they have found something for you to be rich in minutes, lie. Affiliate marketing is work, knowledge, and time.

Watch this video!

screenshot affiliate marketing video

The best is to stick with one website and write content; you might notice an increase in traffic after 6 months, leading to the first sales. I made the mistake of owning three websites and writing content to all of them, but that delayed my traffic because the number of posts I have created would have been better for one website, resulting in a higher position and traffic. But we all make mistakes in the beginning. I had to change my method and write once a week for my other two websites, but every day for the third one, what I did. And finally, my traffic increased, not a surprise for me! The search engines will see that we regularly provide high-quality content, observing our persistence and determination. It will become easier to write content, and writing articles every day will be most likely change you into a writing champion.

I will explain to you the different sources of traffic.

Organic Traffic

How can I increase the traffic on my website?

Organic traffic is the best and most steady traffic you can create. This is free traffic coming from readers being interested in your website and posts. If you are motivated and setting your mind towards building an online business for the long haul, being determined, dedicated to being writing regular articles finally create a fan group of readers, who might give you their emails, so you can provide them with new posts, coming back to your website.
Here is a member of Wealthy Affiliate with his success story.

Organic traffic can be a free or paid form of traffic. It takes time and much work to build your website and move up to the position on the search engine’s first page, so people searching the internet will be able to land on your site. If your site matures within a year, you will see an increase in traffic.

There are tools to follow how many people are coming to your site, how long they will stay there, and where they come from, and many other features. You will be able to study the behavior of your visitors. You can adjust your strategy to keep them longer on your website by placing links from your other posts, creating a spider’s web, something significant for search engines to see that you have engaging quality content that keeps your readers captured on your site. I am going for free organic traffic for my business, but I also have great traffic from social sources, like Pinterest and Twitter.

Social Traffic

Social traffic from Pinterest, screenshot

It depends on the topic of your website if people find your site and blogs interesting. I have a lifestyle blog, where the most traffic comes from social sources, using Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. But I know that some affiliate marketers have a great increase in traffic and sales using Instagram, YouTube, and Tik-Tok.

I create many pins daily for Pinterest and Twitter for my lifestyle blog, and the number of social traffic and engagements has tripled within some months, even at a time about 400 %.  Whereas people coming from organic sources staying longer on my websites, visitors coming from social sources are bouncing very much, sometimes not reading my articles. A pin gives very often different impressions, and visitors are not satisfied with your site’s content if they have been looking for something else.

I believe the most quality traffic is the organic one. I highly recommend studying your target groups, age, gender, interests. Young people are jumping through the internet very much, while I have noticed that mature readers are more interested in your website and the blog posts.

Also, if people are searching the internet for methods to earn an income building an online business, they are more interested in high-quality advice that really helps them find a way that works, favorite for free. When I started searching for affiliate marketing, I searched for people who really could help me. I have been disappointed often because most people want to earn quick money promising you everything instead of genuinely helping others succeed. Being a beginner makes you an easy target for such guys. Keep your eyes open, and read reviews.

However, for me, the best social source has been Pinterest. I am a visual woman, and I love to create engaging pins. Pinterest sends your pins through the internet, and even years later, you still will receive much traffic coming from your pins on Pinterest, a reason that I always recommend Pinterest for increasing traffic.

I know from other affiliate marketers that they receive tons of traffic coming from Facebook Business accounts. It is about finding out what works the best for you. If you have a huge amount of followers on Facebook, it might be the best source for you. I am not very much busy on FB, but joining the right groups helps to become visible.

Referral Traffic

my site, referral, dashboard, Google Kit

This screenshot is from my site, only about two months old.

Referral traffic is important to let search engines see that there is engagement happening on your site. You can ask family and friends to engage with your site, writing comments for you, and ask them to share your posts, but don’t be disappointed if they will not do. I have no support from family and friends.  Referral traffic means that people are coming to your site referred by someone.

I am a member of an affiliate marketing platform, Wealthy Affiliate, where members help others to engage with the websites, writing comments on posts, and create referral traffic in this manner. It is a give-and-take community where members support each other. I highly recommend that every beginner starts with such a community to find every help they need. Please read my post about them. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform you can join for free and check out before you have to pay. Even you pay for the membership; it is still very cheap for the support and tools you receive. I would definitely give it a try. I have never been disappointed being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, only by my own choices of starting with three websites, which is too much for a beginner.

Final Thought

I can increase the traffic on my website by going social, writing lots of quality content, and posting on different social media platforms, which is not difficult but needs time and dedication. Many people are giving up just before they have reached their goal. It is a pity, and a reason for me that I have joined Wealthy Affiliate to receive all the lessons, training, classes, and emotional and technical support from other members who already run a successful business, being members very often for many months or even years until they see their first sale. It also depends on your niche, having a highly competitive niche or a niche where you don’t have so much competition. It makes a difference! Try it!

Writing high-quality content and posing your posts daily on social media helps you very much increasing social traffic. To increase organic traffic, you need to have an excellent position on search engines’ first pages, asking for time to succeed.  Building an online business is the same as building an offline, local business or e-commerce business; it needs time to grow and be recognized. It is about dedication, motivation, and determination!

Please let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment section, and I get back to you.

To Your Success,


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12 Thoughts on “How can I Increase the Traffic on My Website? – A Real Impact”

  • You are so right, this business is very rewarding but the right i kind of information you are provinding is the kind of infomation that is needed along with hard work to succeed. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Creating quality content does take time and I often overlook the sharing on social media. I find it interesting that you say Pinterest is the best and it is very true that pins can be found months or even years later. Do you have any experience with using Instagram to increase your traffic?

    • Hi Line, Thank you very much for your comment! It depends on what kind of websites you have. Pinterest is for my lifestyle blog the best because I have different topics I cover, and they are great for creating pins. My health website has growing organic traffic, and personally, this is the best kind of traffic because people don’t bounce so much. I have no Instagram experience so far. That will be the next social media platform for me to try out!:)

  • Hi Sylvie, Your Post on how to increase traffic on a website is thoughtful and the advice contained in it is spot on! It is not just that you write a good post and get traffic, but you really have to work to increase your traffic through the three methods you suggest. I liked that you advised your readers that there is no such thing as a “get-rich-quick” scheme. There are many scams out there that promise exactly that for about 30 minutes work a day! Good advice, thanks. Jenni.

    • Thank you very much, Jenni! Yes, there is no get-rich-quick scheme. Suppose there would be one, they would all do it, certainly. We have to be dedicated to our business and work hard to be visible and receive traffic. 🙂

  • Hi Sylvia,
    I have to agree with you referral traffic can be good to send a message to the search engines that your content is of value. This only works however if the said traffic take time to interact with your website. What you cannot usually depend on this type of traffic for is sales and conversion.

    I have found organic traffic to be the best and it converts while social media traffic gives very high bounce rate and tend to negatively affect my site. My own thought on that is that these people are not online for business. They are there for entertainment. Unfortunately we try to engage them for business and hope they convert. My experience says that they don’t.

    Sometimes I wonder if the payoff from these channels are worth the effort.

    Question: How many hours per day do you spend marketing on these sites for your best, most developed website? If you were to calculate the amount of money you earn by these channels and divide that by the number of hours you spend marketing on them how much are you making per hour? Is it worth your effort?

    • Hi Candy, Thank you very much for your comment! I personally have had different experiences. My lifestyle blog website gets a lot of social traffic, and the bounce rate is high, as you said, but for this website, it doesn’t matter because it is more a visual website, and if people love it, they stay more than 15 minutes on the site. But I also prefer organic traffic, which I receive with my other sites, health, and business. Conversion really depends on the people who are interested in the products.
      I am not long on the social media platforms, just sending my pins and posts. That is it! When I have written a post, I make a pin for Pinterest, send it to 2 o 3 boards, promote the post on Twitter, share and like others, and promote the business website on three affiliate groups and my private. If I use Canva, it takes more time because I create a pin; otherwise, I send it to the platforms. But it increases the traffic very much. 🙂

  • Thanks for your valuable information on traffic generation. In terms of social media, I post on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter after I publish a post. Consistent content creation with proper keyword research will get you there with organic traffic but it will take a while as a person’s SEO skills improve. It’s just a matter of enjoying the process and having some fun. All the Best.

    • Hi Joseph, Thank you very much for your comment! You are right! It takes time, consistent publication of our content is essential for increasing organic traffic and posting daily on social media! 🙂

  • Hi Sylvie,

    It’s true that ranking higher on search engines by writing reviews or articles every day takes lots of time and effort. But, if you can commit yourself to do that for your website, you surely can make things happen. I am walking this route to rank my website higher, and it’s really tough. I have seen some improvements in the ranking and the visitors, so I will push myself to work harder to see positive results.

    You are doing amazing on social traffic, although it also takes lots of time and effort to drive traffic to your site. It’s wonderful that I get motivation from your sharing today, so I will start my Pinterest account to bring more social traffic.


    • Hi Matt, I recommend you using Pinterest. If you are pinning regularly, you will certainly increase your traffic. The only disadvantage with Pinterest is that people bounce more, but it depends on your niche. I have a website lifestyle blog, and there are primarily young women coming who are jumping very much. But you never know it might change.:)

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