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There are still people who have no idea about how to set up an affiliate marketing business. In fact, some people don’t know what an affiliate marketing business is. And I understand it very much because I didn’t have a clue for years.

It has been only some years since I learned about affiliate marketing by watching YouTube videos about this topic. At that time, it sounded so fantastic what these people were telling us, and I tried to learn more about it.

Joining many different people who promised to help me, I have learned that this is, most time, not the truth. First of all, they want to earn money through you, which is not a problem.

Getting referrals or selling other people’s products is quite normal because that is affiliate marketing. I have no problems with that, but with empty promises that cost me lots of money. Working transparent and honest should be every person’s goal, but the world is not working like that.  As you would like to be treated, treat others the same. That is my Motto! 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is now for many years already a term for a business model where people earn money promoting other people’s products. This happens mainly using websites, landing pages, ebooks.

Here is a video explaining what Affiliate Marketing is all about.

screenshot viseo, understanding the basics of Affiliate Marketing

I see many bloggers using Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense, and others to apply affiliate links to their blogs. People clicking on these links will come to an online store and purchase the products of their choice. This can be anything.

I think it is really a great business model, whereas the retailer can reach lots of potential buyers, and the publisher who promotes the products gets a small commission.

I like this opportunity to set up a business online by blogging in my favorite niche and earning money while buying products via my site.

A niche is a topic you are writing of, for example, the health and wellness niche or the cat niche. It can be your hobby you are talking about, calling yourself an expert.

I am a trained nurse, and my heart wishes to stop giving medication to people that make them worse instead of providing advice I know will heal them and give them their life back.

Setting up an affiliate marketing business, I recommend the best products that improve their healing by linking my posts to an organic health product site, an online shop specified in high-quality supplements, water filters, juicers, or other items.

People who come to my website will learn how they can improve their health, and it is my responsibility to recommend only the best products to them.

Feeling responsible for the people coming to your site, reading your blogs, and buying something you have recommended, should be one of your virtues. Many people are trying to earn big money proclaiming big companies offering the much money but might be having not a fair regulations regarding child work or pollution.

It is not right in my eyes, and I would never support such practices if I know.

What Do You Need?

First of all, you need a website. It is not difficult anymore to build a website. There are so many website builders who offer their help. With some, you could start for free, but you need always to join after a time, that is how they earn money. And this is legitime. Website builders are, for example, or

woman in a circle of social media icoonsYou build your website and start to write quality content, posts about your niche. Getting visitors on your website requires patience, determination, motivation, spending much time on your website, creating content, and getting ranked by Google; otherwise, people will not find your posts.

This takes much time, and you need some months depending on your niche to get visitors who are engaging with your content.

Sometimes your website needs to be 4 or 6 months old before seeing a fair amount of traffic on your site. Traffic is the number of visitors coming to your site. A good beginning is to proclaim your website and blog posts on social media.

It can be really overwhelming for a beginner, it has been indeed for me, and I will recommend my favorite platform to you. If you would like to check it out, please be welcome. 

It has helped me a lot to get going and to learn what I needed for my business. I couldn’t have it done by myself!  Check everything and make your decisions. Take your time, investigate; that is so important. Don’t rush into something you will regret later. First, try platforms for free!

Having set up your website, you already created a quite amount of content; now is a good time to find profitable affiliate programs to join. I wouldn’t register before I have at least written about 30 posts. There are so many affiliate platforms to register with and many products to promote, like Clickbank, Max Bounty, Wallmart, eBay, Rakuten, Awin, Shareasale, etc.

Don’t worry; you will find what suits you.

How to Find Affiliate Programs to Join?

Finding affiliate programs is very easy. Using the Google search button, type in, for example, organic clothing and affiliate program, and you will get quite a lot of results.

Affiliate programs, video screenshot

However, it has been quite overwhelming at the beginning for me, because I couldn’t decide to join a good one.

My goal has always been to find only the best, organic, natural, and outstanding reputation; otherwise, I would not recommend them.

I am very much in protecting the environment and our planet, so I tried to find excellent companies that offer organic clothing that has a beautiful design and organic natural, high-quality supplements. It is up to you what you think is important for you. But there are so many companies who would like you to promote their products.

It is so easy to create an online business these days, and I believe the possibilities to earn money online will increase in the future. I mean, blogging is one option, but you could create an e-commerce business and sell products.:) That is another way to go.

My Opinion On Affiliate Marketing

The possibilities are nearly endless, but I will pursue you not to harm or betray people because your first goal is to earn money. Your first goal should always be giving an honest recommendation, and the best would be you know the products or the company.

Helping people is the best goal you can have!

woman with long dark hair in a red colored pullover, laughing

I have had several bad experiences with people seeing the quick money they can earn. I believe if we think only money our business will suffer in the long term. In these times of social media and trust pilot, you will not survive if you are working a bad job.

Honesty and transparency are good motives to do any work. You wish people to be honest to you, so be honest yourself. I see websites with lots of affiliate links that I leave directly because I don’t want to be smashed by affiliate links.

I would trust someone who has done a good job investigating and trying to do his/her best to provide me with a review and recommendation to make my purchase. This is the person I grant the commission on my purchase very much. Think about this, then decide!

Final Thoughts

Building a website is quickly done with a good website builder, a platform where you get all the tools you need to set up your blogging or e-commerce business. It takes quite a time, some months, to get going.

Persistence is needed to create ongoing quality content to help Google ranking your pages high up, so people can find you by searching the right keywords.

It is essential to press on, having patience with yourself, overcoming the point of wishing to give up. Finally, you will come there earning money if you know how to persevere. Try this journey; I am so sure you will not regret it.

==My Number #1 Recommendation==

Please let me know what your wishes are. Do you have already had experiences with Affiliate Marketing? I would love to know!

All the best,


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2 Thoughts on “How Do You Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Business?”

  • Hi, Sylvie,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I like your personal touch on it.

    Could you please tell me how many blog posts are needed before you can start seeing some traction and sales, hopefully?

    I appreciate your feedback on this!


    • Hi Ionut, Thank you very much for your comment! To see movements on your website will take some time. You need to post 3-5 blogs per week; Google needs to trust your website. Say around 4 -6 months should be good to see visitors also coming from organic search, which means that they are primarily searching for a keyword. Google needs to rank your sites. Some people already see tractions after 3-4 months, but it is important to post regularly.
      Good luck!

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