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If you know how to attract wealth and abundance into your life, you certainly have a vital key to opening your port to prosperity.  From my own view and experience, I can say that this is a mindset of how we live our lives and how we are programmed.

A child programmed in thinking that it can’t do anything right will live the way to find every reason to fulfill this curse. An adult who has heard that he is not enough as a child will continue to think the same thoughts the parents have thought about him or her. If you have heard that you will always have money problems, you will live to a self-fulfilling curse.

The good thing is we can break all curses in our life and reset our minds towards success, abundance, and wealth. But we need to wake up and see what happens in our lives, break free, and live life in prosperity, inviting ABUNDANCE!

You have the key in your hand!

Why Should You Attract Abundance and Prosperity?

How to attract wealth and abundance into your life?

It is not always about money but also friendship, relationship, happiness, love, and respect. That all, and money, is prosperity!

The way you are programmed will keep you either in poverty or bring you into abundance.

Would you believe me if I tell you that everything is in your mind?

Can you imagine that you own the key to your freedom and prosperity? Why should you attract abundance and prosperity?  Because otherwise, you are captured in your self-made cage, including misery, poverty of money and mind; negativity, fear, illness, low self-esteem, suppressed anger, jealousy, depression.

These feelings will not attract prosperity and an abundance of positive feelings. They will keep you down, broken, and ill. This mindset will make you ill!

It means stress in an extreme way which presses every desire to live down. Your motivation and determination to live, feel free, possess money, love, friendship, and respect will suffer such violence that you will finally become ill and live your life in poverty.

Attracting an abundance of prosperity will give you joy, love, and freedom, yes, most important a peace of mind. There are many people out there; they will criticize you, trying to keep you down.

But that is not the life God has intended you to live.

I will show you in a minute what I mean, using the bible. So, don’t stay in your negative mindset; come out to the light, to prosperity!

Abundance in the Daily Life!

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When I think about abundance and especially the abundance of prosperity, I think about the positive flow in my life. And that is the key –  give to others, and you will be given. I love to give, and I always have been a giver, things I have owned I have given away. That could be clothing, furniture, money, love, respect, and I got it back, most times multiplied.

Can you imagine? I bought a coat for a friend, and I got three coats back. Amazing! If you have an open heart and love to give, you will experience that others give to you. Living a life of faith, I wrote things down on a paper, made a list, and they came to me, ALWAYS!

If you can get out of your cage, you will experience the abundance of beautiful things to come. You will attract and invite Abundance! Life is becoming so beautiful.

However, it is important to move and not to sit around. Moving will bring you to situations where there is giving and taking, sowing and harvesting. When you sit, you get stuck, and there will be no flow of your mind and abundance.

Abundance and Prosperity According to the Bible!

three crosses symbolize Jesus and the two murderers

I love the Bible; it is God’s word for me! If you follow the word, you are protected and in the abundance of prosperity. No curse or principality can touch you and your family.

If you believe the Lord, you will be wealthy. But if you still control your world with negativity and poverty, you will not get out of the law.

Everyone who is with the Lord Jesus is saved and not under the curse of the law anymore. Faith is a present of God! If you follow the Lord Jesus, you have life in abundance. If you are with Jesus, no power or principality will separate you from the Lord and prosperity! It will happen if you believe it.

The bible says about prosperity:”

Malachi 3/10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now in this, says the Lord of hosts, if I will NOT OPEN YOU THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN, and POUR OUT such a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it!

11. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast its fruit before the time in the field, says the Lord of hosts! ”

The bible says very clearly to the believer that if he/she pays the tithes, he/she will have so much abundance that he/she will not be able to receive it all.

Can you imagine that the floodgates of heaven will open up above you?

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Yes, I can imagine, and I have experienced it!

I know that many wealthy men and women pay tithes, even they don’t believe in the bible. The bible also says that he who has riches will get more wealthy, but nothing will even have less.

That is powerful, and we can see that money attracts money. To get out of poverty, you need to give to others; even you start with a little bit. But be a giver!

When Jesus was in the temple with his disciples, observing the people giving from their possesses, he saw an older woman giving everything she owned, three copper coins. He said to his disciples that she had given everything she owned, and she would be rewarded by heaven.

I believe that this woman received far more back than all the other people who have only given a little compared to the woman. I believe if we give, we will receive. God doesn’t need our money, which is already his’ money, but He wants to see our hearts and mindset. Building a business is about helping, giving others the answer they are looking for.

Why Do People Have Problems Being Prosperous?

Very easy answered! Our mindset determines our life!

If you are raised that money is an enemy, you will always think that way. But if you can reset your mind’s programming in direction abundance, like ” I am allowed to be rich!” ” I am a winner!” ” I have an abundant life!” ” Money is just a tool!” ” I am worth being wealthy!” ” I believe you will invite abundance into your life.”

When I have given the tithes regularly, I multiplied my money, also I have won a court case, and we found a house. Everything is coming towards you because you have opened the floodgates of heaven! Is this not amazing?

Feeling low and depressed has to be past! If you start thinking differently about your life and yourself, you change your mindset, and you can see people changing around you. You invite happiness, abundance, prosperity, respect, love, health into your life.

Every person can observe you changing, and I tell you many people in your surrounding might even fight the ” new you” because they like to keep you in your cage. That is what they know and feel comfortable about.

I have experienced this with my own family; they don’t want me to succeed; they want me to fail because that fits their picture they have received about me from my parents. It is up to me to break free and live a prosperous life without bondages.

If you don’t see that you hold the key to your freedom, you will stay where you are. Don’t ever expect others to free you or being responsible for your happiness. It will not happen! Think about it, and leave your cage!

Final Thought

What holds you back to be prosperous and live in abundance?

 Your programmed mindset! 

You do it yourself by living a self-fulfilling curse that has started in your childhood! This is such a complexity that you need to see how you damage your life; otherwise, you will not be able to give your life a reset, inviting wealth and abundance into your life!

 First, break the curse!

Start sowing seeds of prosperity by giving other people or animals, so you will start to receive. If you can see that you hold the key to your abundant life, to your success in your hand, you are already walking the right path.

You break the chain of the curse spoken over your life by others, and you will walk away into prosperity! This is exciting!

Please leave a comment below! I would love to know how life is going for you and if you are your worst enemy keeping yourself imprisoned.

Please let me know! Keep freeing yourself! You are worth it!:)

My number one recommendation!

To Your Success!


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4 Thoughts on “How to Attract Wealth And Abundance into Your Life?”

  • It’s great to arrive at that moment of realization in which we find that what’s holding us back is in our own brain. That doesn’t mean that it will be easy to break away from the issue. But it gives us an accurate picture of what the problem is and what to do to overcome it.

    • No, you are right, Paolo! It doesn’t mean that it will be easy to break the issue, but it will be that we are realizing our problems and can work towards breaking free of our thinking. Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Hi, I’ve just gone through your article about how to attract wealth and abundance into your life. I absolutely agree with you that attracting an abundance of prosperity will give you joy, love, freedom and peace of mind as you clearly outlined in this article. This article is very helpful and informative and I’ve learned so much. Thanks for sharing this inspiring information and I’ll also be sharing this post to spread the word.

    • Hi, Thank you very much for your comment! I am very pleased that I could inspire you to attract abundance into your life. I believe it is not easy and might take some time, but if we are aware of our thoughts, we have the possibility to change our thinking. Thank you for spreading my article on social media! 🙂

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