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How to develop a strong mindset which you really need to set up your business? Many people wish to be independent of a normal day scheme, like working a job, retiring, and getting their pension scheme. They want to be independent of the government, social payments, or the partner caring financially for them.

Searching the internet for possibilities, finding good ideas, joining platforms, and creating a blogging website and affiliate marketing, they kick quickly. After one month or earlier, they already stop. Why is that? Because they experience the first huddles and can’t look through them.

I am always amazed at how quickly people stop their new year resolutions. Being joyful, awaiting the new year with renewed hope of expecting better times, they promise themselves all kinds of things, like losing weight, joining a fitness studio, quitting smoking, and other things. how to develop a strong mindset?

The statistics say that most people have quitted their goal already after 2 weeks of having set them.

I mean, we are all human beings, and we all have our weaknesses as our strengths, so that is a fact. The world is not perfect yet.

Why do so many women stay in abusive relationships instead of taking their children, renting a house, and beginning to work a job? I believe it is the responsibility they don’t want to take on for their own life, combined with the traumas they have suffered in their youth. But that is no excuse!

If you don’t grow up and respect yourself, you will not take on the responsibility to get out of such abusive situations. Of course, it is scary to begin a new chapter going a way you don’t know where it is leading you, but I believe that you will finally break through and be free by respecting and loving yourself. The same applies to setting up a business!

It always has to do with your mindset.

Why Do People Give Up so Easily?

We will comfort, and we are still like children, not grown-up adults who are mature and make their own decisions. Most of us stay in this kind of situation where we don’t want to make our own steps towards freedom, the freedom of the mind.

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If you choose to take responsibility for your own life, you own your life with all wrong decisions that belong to an adult. Your decisions influence your life, which can be good or wrong, giving you results, forming your life’s content, your story!

Of course, there are also influences from others, especially when we live in a relationship. Marrying your partner is also your choice, to rent or buy a house, a car, a dog, the kind of interior, etc. The same applies to your profession’s choice, your sort of fitness routine, your diet, your lifestyle, saving money or not. All of that is a choice leading to a result.

If we want to change our food pattern from junk food to healthy food, we will get a result, namely in feeling better by becoming healthier. I think that is an awesome step in the right direction.

But why do people give up so easily? 

Because they have emotions, and if they feel down, it is easy to fall back in their well-known comfort zone. Starting again to eat junk food, ending their membership at an affiliate marketing platform, stopping the fitness, and starting to smoke again. This is a vicious circle.

Feeling guilty, anxious, depressed, small, down will make them easily forget what they wished to achieve. Having failed in their mind makes them more feeling down and depressed. There it is, the victim mentality!

Sometimes, after not reaching a goal, people are even busier with their self-damaging habits. They can easily correct a mistake, but they are captured in their mind.

Instead of shaking it off and picking it up again, they feel like a loser drowning in their self-pity. If they can feel angry about themselves, they might find the strength to get up and renewing their goal. Anger can be an awesome drive to change your mindset towards positivity. But if canalized wrongly, anger can destroy you!

Negative and Positive People

I have been in bible school in Germany, and we had a class about the four different characters of people.

a melancholic woman1.) A Melancholic

2.) A Sanguine

3.) A Pragmatic

4.) A Choleric person

A melancholic person already has a negative mindset by observing everything and negatively labeling things.

These people have difficulties seeing the world positively. I am not saying that they always will give up, but maybe they are prone to “Failure” more easily having that mindset than the others.

A Sanguine person is enthusiastic and very easily distracted. They are on many feasts but can’t keep focused.

Beautiful people, joyful and open human beings. However, most of us consist of a mix of the four characters.

A pragmatic person slowly goes his way; nobody watches because he doesn’t say very much. If he falls, nobody will see it, but he gets up and slowly reaches his goal. 🙂

A choleric person is on the drive; he will not give up! His energy says: ” I will win!” He is an outgoing person who will not allow himself to fail. A real winner!

The last two are the best characteristics to build an online business, but of course, very seldom we only fit one character; most time, we are a mixture of the four. All four characters can build a business, but to persevere is the difficulty. Perseverance is a strong tool!

Being motivated and determined is not easy because we all are human beings with our own stories and emotions. I would always recommend joining a good platform where you will receive technical and emotional support.

You can try building a business yourself, but there will be so many days you wish to give up, and by joining a good platform, you can carry yourself through these feelings supported by other members.

Of course, I get a commission recommending to you the best platform ever, but honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to follow my plans without them. A positive feature is you can start for free and observe first if you like it.

If you set up a business on your own, you are a strong person.:)

How to Develop a Strong Mindset?

I will tell you my personal story.

a elephants 'leg chained

Being belittled by my parents for everything, kept small, and been said that I would not make it, I developed a self-sabotaging personality. I didn’t allow myself to be wealthy, to succeed because I was thinking the same about myself deep inside. Well, I tried several times to break out of this prison.

Do you know that they have trained baby elephants in a circus not to run away by imprisoning them with a strong chain, and by learning not being able to run away, they will stop finally trying?

Later, when these animals are big adults, they still have a chain around their legs. Being a strong elephant they could walk away easily, but they are brainwashed and will never flee. These poor animals are broken through this procedure.

The same with us! 

We are trained like these elephants.

It depends where you are coming from, which mindset your family had, and which position you have had in your family. As a child, you have internalized these messages that keep you in the same position; even you are grown up.

Well, it is your responsibility to recognize your chains and break free. Only you can free yourself, not a partner, not a boss, not a psychologist, not your parents who have been trained as well by your grandparents and society.

You hold the key in your hand to break free and succeed.

A Business Mindset

Did you ever observe real successful businessmen and women?

They have a goal, and they soldier on, even they fall. Believe me; you will fall! But it is your responsibility not to stay on the ground, but get up, shake the dust off your clothes, and keep on walking!

Some successful businessmen were bankrupted several times, but they were unstoppable in their vision, in their motivation. I believe they were all very often close to giving up, maybe they have cried about their situation, but I believe they helped themselves up again, and their energy drove them to succeed!

The success lies in you!

Only you can make it happen! Wherever you live, shake that self-pity off because you are not a victim! You can imagine your success, yourself winning, you will win!

Do you know Nick Vujicic? No! You should know him! Maybe you will forget about your shortcomings in life. I will show you a video! He is my hero!

Wherever you are on this planet, in whatever country you live, you are of great value, you are unique, and you will make it if you change your mind and keep going!

Many affiliate marketers have a very successful business. Give me one reason you will fail, and I will give you many reasons to succeed. 🙂

Don’t ever give up! Be the elephant that breaks his chains!

an african elephant in light coming through the leaves

I believe in Jesus, and my Lord has done everything for me already! Faith is a strong motivation! Have faith, faith in yourself!


A strong mindset is a key to success! Everyone can change his mindset towards winning. If you have days where you feel down, it doesn’t matter because we all have such days.

That is life!

But to get up, stand tall, and keep moving till you have reached your goal, is the art of living and succeeding. Visualizing and writing down will help you to succeed. I wish you every success! Please keep soldier on!

I would love to hear how you are going! Do you battle yourself down? Do you sabotage yourself? How do you think and feel? Please let me know and leave a comment below!

To Your Success,


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4 Thoughts on “How to Develop a Strong Mindset- Essential for Businesses”

  • Hey Sylvie,

    This is such an inspirational and important article. To keep going in business and overcome all of the obstacles that will inevitably get in the way, we need a very strong mindset. You talk about how people give up easily. What I have found is there are far too many people who use their failures and mistakes as excuses to give up, which is far too easy. What they should be doing doing is seeing and embracing their failures and mistakes as opportunities, NOT excuses.

    We should embrace our failures and mistakes as opportunities to learn and keep moving towards our business goals, vision and dream. Failures and mistakes are a positive thing because we can learn from them and make sure we do our best to not make the same mistake again. What we are doing when we think of mistakes and failures in this way is strengthening our mindset, just as you say.

    Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thank you very much for your valuable comment, Tom!
      You are very right. It is a pity how people uses their failures and mistakes as excuses to stop development into the right direction instead of learning from them and growing stronger in their mind. I observe that it is mainly fear stopping them from going any further. We are all responsible for our own life and growth, so I would prefer to learn from great people. Motivation, Determination, and persistence are great values.

  • Hi, I have to say that I avoid negative people around me. They soak out my energy, and I love to be surrounded by positive strong-minded people, actually business men, they are more innovative. Having a business needs people who are going for it, and not suffering self doubts. That certainly doesn’t help.
    Thank you Sylvie!

    • Hi Henk, I understand what you are saying; you indeed are surrounded by positively thinking people for you as a businessman. This is quite normal. You believe already as a businessman, and so you attract such people. The great thing, such a mindset! You are programmed to succeed! 🙂

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