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How to find a good niche for your website?

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You want to start an online business, and I understand that you are insecure about your expertise. But you don’t need to be doubtful because I tell you it is not difficult to find a niche you love. How to find a good niche for your website depends on your passion. Every person has something he/she likes to do very much. Some people love pets, and they know very much about dogs or cats, or other animals.

When I started my business, I brainstormed about the niche, making it very complicated by overthinking the topic. Now I followed affiliate marketing training and learned in these lessons to follow my passion. Everyone is an expert in some areas. I constantly desired to build a Natural Health and Healing website; significantly, I had healed myself, getting my autoimmune diseases under control, resulting in the deep desire to share this information with other people.

Many people are suffering from chronic diseases, and my heart will help these people recover by following a natural way, not consuming medications that are worsening their condition. I have seen it so often as a nurse. Of course, some people are not interested in taking responsibility for their health and staying healthy. However, for people who want to get in charge of their health, I write different blogs helping them to control their situation and improve their physical or mental health, a beautiful task.

Finding the Perfect Niche

If you know your passion, it is straightforward to find the right niche to blog about. I wouldn’t go too broad about a theme; for example, if you are passionate about fitness, you might stick to one type: bodybuilding, jogging or yoga, pilates, or horseriding. You will find enough topics to write about, including the technique or the clothing.

a woman performing Yoga on a mat

Being passionate about a niche will provide you with lots of themes to write about. A website stays with you for years, building your brand, so it is good to choose a niche where you are good in, helping you write more fluently and creating lots of quality content. If you can carry in your heart that you want to help others, you will write with joy, which is the most crucial point, and signal your deepest wish to help others. Never think about earning money while writing your posts; people will feel it and not be interested in your website and blogs. My heart is focused on helping others, something that is natural for me as a trained nurse.

My second website is about Beauty, Art, and sustainability, a lifestyle blog, where I also focus on helping others by providing ideas and helping the Earth recover. You see, for me, it is all about helping, giving information.

screenshot the Art of Beauty, website

I have a third website, this one, which is also about helping others, especially women, finding the courage to build an online business, providing information to them about the best tools they can use to create an independent online business, earning an excellent income to take care of their children and family, or themselves.

Women are often in a position to combine jobs, family, and the household. Working from home is a convenient job to do and helps them plan their day more tightly, taking care of an own income. Many women write about children, and toys, or food. This is such an excellent opportunity; I support helping them build an online business using little money to become successful. Of course, men are also very welcome! 🙂

What is Your Hobby?

Your hobby is your best niche! Maybe you love sewing clothes and know everything about it, a possibility to create a beautiful website, even producing your videos, showing how to make dresses or t-shirts.

If your niche is playing an instrument, you could show other people how to learn to play that instrument. There are so many possibilities and topics you can choose from.

a child in a blue dress sitting on a chair, playing violine

There are websites introducing different sorts of wine and the items used to make drinking wine a sensual experience. Some people provide recipes, and you can learn how to make great meals.

It is fantastic; for everyone, there is a niche. Some niches are more popular, like weight loss and fitness, or dating, or building an online business, especially affiliate marketing, digital currency, or e-commerce, dropshipping. You will have many competitors in these areas. But it doesn’t matter!

Because if you keep writing high-quality content that interests many readers, and you do it regularly, you will finally rank and become an authority in your niche. It takes quite a time before you get up, and especially patience and lots of dedicated work. Without dedication, determination, and patience, you will stop too quickly, giving up too early. I read an article that about 80 % of websites are abandoned. Can you imagine?

If you have a hobby, are passionate about the topic, keep writing and building your business. You will get there!

You are an Expert!

We all are experts following our passions. None will have not a talent to use; also, your training and job skills are different.

I am an expert in the health niche. For more than 40 years, I am already a nurse. Still, my heart is drawing me to natural healing, following a healthy lifestyle, consuming lots of organic vegetables and fruits, and moving my body.

sceenshot your world in balance,website

Writing quality content about natural health is very easy for me, knowing the diseases, the anatomy, and physical function. This makes it easy to write about, following my passion. Okay, I am not a native English speaker, but I have Grammarly, which helps me solve grammar.

In the beginning, you might be shy, thinking that you don’t know enough, but this is your mind trying to stop you. The more you practice, the more you will have success and improving. You grow according to your tasks.

The bible says that we all have talents, gifts to help and compliment others. If you have a talent and wishing to help others, you will finally succeed, earning money. I know many people who have confirmed me, saying they needed about one year to two years to grow. Well, it is not a long time if you carefully build your business. Two years are so quickly gone. We don’t live in an instant world. Growing slow but steady is better than running too fast. Finding the right niche is already a perfect basement to create your website. Believe you are an expert! 🙂

Be Successful in Every Niche!

There are many possible topics for a niche, and you can be successful even if you don’t know the niche. It is about research and investigation leading to success. There are many websites on the internet you could study to collect information and write content. You will even become an expert in niches you don’t know very well.


If you have a question, you google the answer; well, most people do. The flood of information you receive via the internet is overwhelming. On the first pages in the highest rankings are websites known as an authority in their niche.

Do you know how long it has taken these people to be an authority ranking high on the first positions? It could have taken about one to two years and longer. It is essential to write regularly and provide high-quality content, including great keywords, so that search engines will finally rank you on their first pages.

Watch this video about choosing the right niche!

screenshot video, choosing the right niche

It will come; you need to be persistent. If I tell you that I have been frustrated quite a lot, thinking that I will never come so far, would you believe me? Continue, and you will reach your goal! Every niche is something to learn and study for, so you can become an expert in every niche, even if you don’t know a lot yet. Keep walking! You are already on your way to become a successful affiliate marketer, influencer, or blogger. The way is your goal!

Final Thought

Finding a niche for your website to blog about and to build your brand is not a difficult task. Using your hobby where you are passionate about is the best choice you can make for your website. Please keep it simple, and don’t overthink it. Everybody is an expert, having a talent to provide excellent information about, supplying others with quality answers. Knowing your passion, you will be able to help others, building your online business, earning a good income, leave your job, being able to work from home. If this is your goal, you can use your niche to create your brand using specific tools. I will show you different ways to go, making it easy for you.

Please ask me if you want to know anything! I would love to hear your opinion or tips. Please, leave a comment below in the comment section! I would be more than happy to help you out!

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6 Thoughts on “How to Find a Good Niche for Your Website?”

  • Yes, I wish to start a website, and I am happy, that I can also find something informative on your website even I am man. 😉 I have already followed your other websites, but this is really also a great website. Learning to have a strong mindset to be determined, is very important! I will read your articles and get back to you! Thank you very much!
    Cheers, Henk

    • Hi Henk, Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, please feel free to read my articles. If you have any questions, I love to hear from you! 🙂

  • Hi Sylvie,

    You are so right about choosing your own niche. If you have passions about the niche you pick, you won’t feel like working but spending doing things you love. In that case, you can go further and won’t quit easily. I also agree that we need to adjust our mindset about helping people & supporting people first, then trying to recommend useful tools that your readers might have interests in. It’s a better route for running an affiliate marketing business.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    • Thank you very much, Matt! I appreciate your comment and confirmation very much! Yes, it is all about helping others. Do you know Mary Kay? This woman has built an empire; her first and main desire has been helping women to build a business, in that time, an offline business. It is in the cosmetic branches, and many women who followed her training and her advice have built an enormous income and helped other women succeed. I think there is nothing more beautiful than helping others. 🙂

  • Hi Sylvie,
    Great Post, I must say. Being financially independent especially when your women are very essential nowadays it not only helps you keep strong but also helps in increasing the respect and some personal boundaries that your in-laws shouldn’t cross. Earlier being financially independent was only for men but now women are equally strong and I think this post is exactly what every woman should read one day to know the importance of being financially independent. I will definitely share your article to my friends and am sure this will help them. Thank you so much for such a lovely article.


    • Thank you so much, Samantha! Yes, for women, it is essential to be independent and take care of their children. But even to help their husbands to relieve the pressure of being the only earner in the family. Men have a lot of stress too! 🙂

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