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If you are a blogger and have started your online business blogging content on your website for a certain niche, you might ask yourself when is the best time to place affiliate links, and how do I find the best affiliate programs to promote? It is straightforward, and I show you different ways of searching the internet for convenient affiliate programs and products to promote. There are some points you need to be aware of, so you will build up your earnings.

How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs in Your Niche?

I will tell you that I had very much trouble finding a program in the beginning. I was so overwhelmed by the many products that I started with Amazon, which I think has bad conditions for a beginner because you need to have traffic to sell on Amazon. After some months, I haven’t had enough visitors coming to my site, and I didn’t sell any product on Amazon, so they declined my contract. It is better to wait and to write only content and build up your organic traffic for some months. Later you can easily join Amazon and sell the products.

How to find the best affiliate programs to promote?

I also joined Google AdSense after I had written about 15 posts on my website. They started with a trial to find out where to place the best ads on my site, this can be done automatically, and you leave this to Google. I wasn’t happy because my beautiful website looked awful, Google placed big ads directly on my header, and it ruined the picture of my well-designed website, and I was not too fond of it. So I declined Google AdSense and placed the ads where I want to place them. Of course, I miss the local ads on my site now, but I don’t mind.

Regarding my websites, I joined different platforms like Shareasale, Rakuten, and Clickbank. That is very easy, and once they accept you, you can find merchants for your niche. That is sometimes quite tricky because some companies won’t take you on board if you have not enough traffic. I think my own experience has shown, first to go for traffic, and only to place a few ads on your site that mirrors your topic. You could write reviews about the products or create a shopping category where people visit your products. The best way is to promote these products on social media so that people will visit your website.

Shareasale bANNER

How did I search for excellent companies and their products to recommend?

You don’t want to recommend everything out there, and certainly not because you earn great money. Your reader’s trust will decrease if these products are not good or a scam.

I place only companies that I know have a really great review and fall into my interests. For example, I drink everyday green powders that are vital to promoting a healthy lifestyle. I know people will become more balanced and healthy, feeling more energized. Because I know quite many companies that produce high-quality powders, I search them online, and if they have an affiliate program, I try to join them. Most companies are studying your website, and if they think your website and content are great, you will be accepted. That is when they provide banners and links to you to place the links on your website.

Shareasale Affiliate site

However, there are companies I will find on Shareasale and Clickbank, but I don’t know them, but their products and marketing sound good to me; I love to register with these huge platforms, where everything is taken care of, like the taxes and my payments, so you will be sure you will receive your payments. I think this is very important because some companies try not to pay you. I’m not too fond of such an attitude, and I try to prevent this by choosing the right platform and merchants. You need reliable and trustworthy companies to get paid.

Finding affiliate programs and products are easy. If your niche is pets ‘ products, you google for pets products and affiliates, and Google will come up with many affiliate companies. Listing the best on a paper will help you sort out the ones you don’t like to register with, and it is better to investigate the companies. Never, ever do promote companies you don’t trust yourself. You will lose your reader’s trust. Be transparent and honest, always!

Google screenshot about petproducts and affiliate programs

When is the Best Time to Promote?

I already mentioned that you need to have a good amount of high-quality content before promoting companies’ products. It is essential, and many companies do not approve your registration if you don’t have already about 500 visitors per month coming to your website. I didn’t particularly appreciate that people who approved me didn’t get any sales from my website for months because my traffic was still meager. I belong to a great affiliate marketing platform where I learned everything that I need to know, but they already advise us to place affiliate links when we hit the fifteen content mark. It is too early! You better write content daily and promote them on social media to get it known. Around eight to ten months is a great time to join and register with affiliate programs, placing their links. That is also a great time to join Amazon and Google AdSense.

Of course, there are affiliate marketers who already have sales after few months. But I advise you to wait, that takes enormous pressure from you. Most affiliate marketers do have success being in online business for about a year or two. The first months are all about creating content and receiving organic traffic. I have written a blog post about the traffic you are going to create. Don’t haste!

What are the Best Programs and Platforms?

It depends on your niche, but I think Clickbank, Max Bounty, Rakuten, and Shareasale are great platforms to join. They take care of your payment and everything around that; you can concentrate on your content, websites, and traffic.

screenshot clicknak Graph

For German business owners, is Digistore excellent! If you promote fashion articles, you could create a landing page looking exactly like the sites of the businesses you promote. Building landing pages is a good tool to lead people to your product you are promoting. All the platforms I mentioned, and more, you could promote, so you will receive a commission bringing people to join and register with these platforms.

If you like it more controlled, you could apply for Amazon and Google AdSense; both platforms have great products but are not paying well. Google AdSense can take care of everything, choosing the right products, and placing them for you, if you switch on the automatic button. Maybe this is convenient for you; try them out.

Finding Good Affiliate Programs Using Jaaxy

I will recommend an affiliate platform called Wealthy Affiliate, which provides you with all tools you need, including support, lessons, and classes for a little membership costs. You can join the starter membership for free and first check if this platform suits you. Wealthy Affiliate also owns Jaaxy, a keyword research tool, which you need to find great keywords to creating your organic traffic. Jaaxy also has a tool to find the best affiliate programs for your niche, making it really a beautiful, convenient tool. Jaaxy comes as a feature with a membership at Wealthy Affiliate, so you don’t need to pay extra money.

Jaaxy has an affiliate search program that fits your niche fantastic. It is actually a keyword research tool you need in your online business; otherwise, you will have a hard time getting on the first pages of the search engines( SE). The good thing is you will find the best keywords to rank high.

Jaaxy logo

I actually used Google to find my products and programs because I am in the sustainable and health niche. I already had my companies in mind due to my own fantastic experiences. But I want to mention how convenient Jaaxy is for finding the best affiliate programs.

Joining my favorite platform saves you enormous investigation and a long search for all the tools you need to set up your affiliate marketing business.

You can read my review about Jaaxy and decide for yourself!

Final Thought

Finding great affiliate programs is not difficult but can cost you much time. You could use Google or Jaaxy to search for the best programs for your niche. Joining Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with a version of Jaaxy where you have enough help to start your business and find affiliate programs. Still, you can directly go to Clickbank and search for products you trust. When you start blogging, you better wait to place affiliate links until you have enough traffic coming to your website. Some companies will decline your request to join them due to the fact of not having enough visitors. Just write content daily, watch your posts ranking high on the first pages of SE, and sign up with affiliate programs. You will not be disappointed by the rejection of the companies.

Many affiliate marketers join Amazon en Google Adsense, but still, I would wait till you have enough visitors.

I hope this blog post served you well and brought you a step further to be a successful affiliate marketer. 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts; what did you experience, and what do you think about waiting and first creating content?

To Your Success,


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