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It is nowadays essential to have SEO for your website. How to improve search optimization for your website and optimize the necessary points for a good SEO score is essential if you want search engines to put your website on their first page. That is the best place to be found by people who search the internet for certain topics.

Optimizing your website requires a special plugin to install into your website. There are many different available and often free of charge to a certain degree that is already great to have. But there are more options to optimize your website, like hiring someone from if you don’t like to study all the facts around how to improve search engine optimization for your website.

I tried it by myself, but I am lost in the technical world; even I know everyone can learn it, I would rather have someone professional doing the work for me.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

How to improve search engine optimization for your website?

For the search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are important to see your website providing a superior user experience navigating and reading your posts. They want an optimal experience for your readers, expressed in a score up to  100%, whereby 75 – 100 % is excellent.

If you have any disturbance on your website, leaving your readers to experience a delay in uploading your posts under 2 seconds, they might leave your website, giving the search engines a signal that your website has a problem.

It could be your content, maybe too short of words, or of low quality bringing your visitors to the point of leaving your site. The best scenario is that they are caught by your quality content navigating through your website, reading several posts clicking on your links.

More things might block their great experience, like images that are too big, too small, or not uploading. The same applies to the font style; letters could be too small for people to read, especially if they use the mobile phone which more than 60 % of internet visitors are doing these days. For search engines, your website must be mobile-friendly, which is vital to a website’s performance. Well, the trend is going to using mobile devices in nearby future.SEO, Google Analytics

Even you have a great score; there can always still be some criteria that need improvisation. Site speed is essential for every website owner who has set up an online business. Certain plugins help optimize images and site speed; even it is better not to install too many plugins, slowing down your site speed.

However, another problem could be your chosen theme in WordPress. There are different themes whereby GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that always works fine and is the most chosen.

I’m not fond of it very much, so I have chosen different themes for my websites and have hired someone via Fiverr who has set up the optimization. That works fantastic, being worth every cent I have paid, a really decent payment for such excellent work, But I know if you have certain free plugins and an idea of how it works, you can install them, and you are fine.

However, only optimized websites can rank high via the search engines, creating increased traffic. It is your goal to attract a high amount of visitors coming to your site, bringing a high conversion and earning you finally money.

If you have installed SEO, you will notice the score and what you need to improve or repair. In the next chapter, I will show you a screenshot giving you an idea.

Also, connecting your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console will give you an overview of which pages are not optimal. Well organized, you will notice your sites’ and pages’ rank, which is really convenient to have set up, helping you control your site’s performance.

Which Plugins Could You Use to optimize Your Site?

There are several plugins you can install for free, already a great help in optimizing your website.

I have All-in-one- SEO for my websites( AIO SEO), a WordPress plugin that shows you where you need to improve the performance.

SEO rapport

Above in the screenshot, you see that the score is already quite fine, about 86 %, showing still issues to resolve. If I click on critical issues, I will find the points that need improvement.

Very often, the image quality and alt description of the images are not settled. WordPress provides plugins to fasten the upload and adjust the image size, which is very important for an optimal user experience, especially for mobile users.

I have installed Autoptimize, a plugin that makes your site faster by optimizing CSS, JS, Images, Google fonts, and more, really very much recommended.

Another one is Kraken Image Optimizer allowing you to optimize your WordPress images through the Kraken API, the world’s most advanced image optimization solution.

However, I think there are better ones, like Smush that compresses and optimizes images with lazy load, WebP conversion, and resize detection to load your site very fast.

But there are many more, and having a website, you can test which one works the best for you by adding and deleting them again.

An excellent plugin with many fantastic reviews is WP Rocket, where they ask for an affordable yearly payment. It is a superior performance tool to improve the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings, and conversions, an excellent caching plugin whereby no coding is required, which makes it easy to use.

If you have built your website using, you will automatically be able to choose from 3000plus themes and picking the right plugins for optimization, including social media and email plugins, classic or block editor to write and organize your content.

Great tools like Canva, Gimp, or Photoshop to edit and beautify your images or change the images’ size, adding to your rankings through search engines.

Which SEO Plugins Are The Best?

I can’t tell you because there are so many opinions out there about SEO plugins. I tried Rank Math and The All-in-one-SEO, whereby I favor the second one, which I think is easier to use. But different voices proclaim different plugins showing you should try them out.

Here is a screenshot of different plugins you can install on your website and use. You only need one plugin!

SEO plugins from WordPress, screenshot

The Best Optimizer Plugins in WordPress

It acquires only a  few plugins; otherwise, your site speed will slow down, showing that installing lazy load and other optimization plugins can still decrease site speed. By using only a few, you are already helping your site speed to improve. There is a good collection you can pick a few,  install, and try out.

Here is a screenshot of plugins that have a good reputechoice of different optimizer plugins

I am convinced you will find the best working plugins for your website.

Final Thought

When you start to set up a website, it is recommended to install a good SEO optimization plugin to follow up on how your site performs. A high score shows you that your site is set up well for the search engines to rank you optimal so that internet users can find your site and your services first hand. Optimized site speed will attract more visitors to your site, increasing the traffic showing the search engine that you have a great website where users love to stay without bouncing and leaving. 😉

My number 1 # recommendation!

Please let me know about your experiences with websites and how you see SEO? I would love to know!

All the Best,


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8 Thoughts on “How to Improve Search Engine Optimization For Your Website?”

  • We agree with you that SEO search engine optimizations important and the ranking scores that we receive when we write an article we do try to up our score by going back and revising the article to make changes such as external links and internal links. These are some of the elements that we focus on as well as putting our keywords into the H1 and H2 headers so that we know what we are talking about for our audience.
    Taking the time to do all this is time-consuming, and like you said if you hire someone that knows what they are doing it will be worth the money and time that you will spend marketing, rather than messing with the number because you will have mastered the SEO part will flow natural overtime.
    Thanks for sharing this with us on how to improve our over-all score on WordPress AIO SEO, this is what we use on WordPress, works a world of wonders that, we have benefited off of this article we cant wait till the next one.


    • Hi Matthew and Deloris! You do it very well! Placing external and internal links makes such a difference in score. Having an SEO plugin installed is essential; you get the information directly on adjusting, so your score goes up. I am now used to SEO, and I will arrange every article I write till the SEO score is high enough and it has become a normal routine. I think AIO SEO is a great plugin and not so difficult to use. Thank you very much for your comment! 🙂

  • Such a lovely guide on SEO.

    I’ve using Rank Math for my site, and the plug-in works just fine. At the end of the day, it’s about focusing on user experience and ensuring that your readership has a pleasant time on your site.

    I haven’t tried Autooptimize yet, but I’m planning to very soon. How’s your experience with it so far?

    • Thank you very much, Gorjan! It is more of a general blog about SEO, but I plan to go more in detail. Do you have great experiences with RankMath? I could cope very well using it, so I decided to install AIO SEO, which is fine for me. Autoptimize is very good, but there are others, and I think it is good to try them. You can delete them again if they do not suit you!:)

  • Hey Sylvie,

    I am pleased that I came across this article because SEO is something I have struggled with for a while. I am still trying to get my head around the keywords and where to place them on my pages and blog articles. But, reading your recommendations here, they could really help me.

    I post a new article on my website every Wednesday, so tomorrow I will put your advice into action. I will let you know how the article performs after a while and if I have any burning questions or issues then I will get in touch. If that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom, Thank you so much for your comment! You know there are such many different opinions about SEO, but you could start with these plugins and then play a little bit to improve your scores. Please let me know what your results are! 🙂

  • As you mentioned, Sylvie, we’re all different, with different preferences. And our opinions can change in time as well. So at the moment, I prefer RankMath over Yoast and definitely over All-in-one-SEO. And I prefer Smush over Kraken. But who knows how I will think about it next year, LOL. Nothing more changeable than humans, my mother used to say. 🙂

    In the end, writing a lot of content beats SEO, I guess. I do focus on SEO, like you, but at times I think it is just as important to just write, write, write, and that way build experience and expertise. As far as user experience goes, I find design and font choice just as important. But that’s what you can expect from a (former) graphic designer, can’t you. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Hannie, for your comment! Yes, you are very suitable! I tried several, and I am content now with what I have. It works for me! But writing a lot of quality content is king! For sure! Keeping your SEO score updated is very convenient and well meaningful!
      I am pretty sure that we need to check it and adjust it more often. Improving SEO, writing content! And you are very right about font choice and design. That is for sure very attractive to our readers! 🙂

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