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Everyone who has a blog website or writes books knows what I mean by writer’s block, which is quite normal being human and not perfect. How to overcome writer’s block is something depending on your character and situation. If you work in a normal job as an employee, you will also have times feeling exhausted, not motivated enough to do your job. That is normally the time you need a break, maybe a holiday.

The same occurs for your online business, maybe even stronger, because as a blogger, you are blogging regularly for months without seeing any results. As an employee, you receive every week or month your salary, but working for yourself can be very demotivating, seeing no results for such a long time.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we hear many stories about members who are having writer’s block, not being able to think about a topic to write about, or feeling very much exhausted. It is necessary to take a break, take care of yourself, and spend quality time recharge; otherwise, you will burn out. When you feel burned out, everything is difficult; creating distance from your emotions is not easy while feeling demotivated and tired.

Facing Emotions Like Fear of Failure

how to overcome the writer's block?

When writer’s block hits you, I am sure you have ignored many warning signs before. Trying to write regularly and maybe daily without having quality time will finally let you crash.

I experienced it very much, around the four to five months mark of writing every day for my websites, following the training and classes, keeping up on social media and the Wealthy Affiliate Platform; have increased a tired, demotivating feeling in me.

Still working in a demanding job didn’t leave enough time spending on renewing my energy and focus. I experienced a fear of failure coming up in me that tried to sabotage my determination and motivation as a writer. It can be quite overwhelming in the beginning to find a way of coordinating your daily tasks. Having already suffered from two burnouts in my past, I decided not to participate too much on the platform and social media but to focus on writing quality content and finding keywords to get ranked by the search engines.

If you feel low and tired, your self-doubts begin to nag, creating even more negative feelings that block your motivation. Feeling demotivated, it isn’t easy to mobilize the energy to go any further and find enough topics to write about. The worst thing that can happen is that you lose motivation completely and stop your online business from growing.

The five and six-month mark is already a milestone you have passed, and stopping here is a shame because you might be very close to your first sell or referral.  Prevention is better than Healing, even building an online business as an affiliate marketer or a book author.

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By meaning prevention, I think of creating quality time every day for yourself and your family, re-energizing your body and mind. Do something that you love to do, and plan your day. If you face the fear of failure and self-doubt, you should stop writing and better charge your battery.

It is completely normal to feel fear, doubts, and anger, but how you cope with them, not allowing these feelings to overwhelm you, makes a difference. I don’t know what experiences you had, but I recovered and could continue writing content after stopping with my business for some days. I keep Sunday as a free day, always, no business then.

Why Do We Face Tiredness and Demotivation?

We are no machines and become tired while giving much energy into a project. That is very normal! Combined with no real success of our efforts over months, we will become weary and demotivated, a condition that blocks our creativity and determination. As a result, we can’t think of good topics to write about, a condition known as writer’s block.

Many top entrepreneurs who earn six figures have suffered moments of demotivation and exhaustion, being tempted to stop their business. Still, by regaining their focus and determination, they kept pressing through the dark clouds of doubt and fears and finally arrived at their goal.

It is a completely normal process being human; art is to withdraw for a while, recharge our energies, and regain our vision,  keep marching on.

Suppose you can find a way to overcome tiredness and the resulting demotivation; you have found the key, staying determined and motivated to create an online business that earns you a high income. But it is hard work, and you will face many days of wishing to stop and live life instead of sitting and writing content. Be patient; you will come there!

Planning- The best Prevention!

Maybe you are like me; I am not fond of planning. But if we want to prevent many demotivating moments to come, we need to plan our day sharply. If I tell you, I am not a planner because I love freedom and to live my life by following my instincts and needs; I am sure you will understand.

Planner and pen on a table

Of course, this is not how we build businesses, and some people are great at following a set goal and a strict planning schedule daily which gives them an advantage.  I don’t have this; no, actually, I am not a born planner.

In my job as a nurse, I have lots of space left to improvise, and I need to be able to do this; otherwise, I feel trapped and imprisoned, maybe the reason I loved to work nights because I had plenty of time to travel in my free time, or just walking, driving, and sitting somewhere enjoying a cup of coffee.

Nowadays, I still love to travel but facing the planet’s collapse, climate change, the distinction of so many species here on earth; I am tossed back and forth between my desires and love for our planet. I know there are many possibilities to live a sustainable life, maybe not to fly just for two weeks, but to stay somewhere for one or two years.

I am a free spirit and don’t like planning, maybe a weakness I have to overcome and adjust to the possibilities that work for me. I am sure you also have a weak point. It would help if you found a solution that works for you. We are all very different, and that is something I want to say here as well; please don’t ever compare yourself with somebody else, but try to find a way that suits you and gives you results.

Have Time Off!

Recharging your battery makes you strong, and you will not be easily a victim of your ‘ negative’ feelings, like fear of failure or doubts, that leave you crashed and starting a self-sabotaging reaction on your business and life.

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I greatly have quality time by spending a short vacation or a visit to a sauna. It is essential to know your needs and meeting them while writing your posts or book to prevent an energy crash. When I started building my online business, I said to myself, first work hard, creating quality content, following the lessons, and later you will have enough time to spend living, not a good idea; at least it was wrong for me. I lost myself out of my eyes and became weary, demotivated, and by experiencing writer’s block, I lost precious time I could have better planned.

For me, it is most appreciable to have quality time every day and to feel more energized to fulfill my own goals of creating quality content, finding affiliate programs, writing reviews, and following lessons and classes. It is a full-time job, and I am happy for everybody who can stop their employment and fully have time for their online business.

If you feel like giving up, stop writing for some days, going to the beach or outdoors anyway, renewing your energy and mind. You will know when to start again, being full of ideas to write about.

Did you ever experience a block as an artist, author, or anywhere in your job? I did! Several times! But I also know I can overcome it; recharging my batteries is something vital to do, and do not compete!

Do Not Compete negatively! You will lose yourself!

However, you can learn from the other’s strength, the way he can also learn of your strength. We are here on this planet to learn, to give, and receive!

Final Thought

If you do yourself a favor, please try to prevent writer’s block by creating some time for your needs. It will help you enormously, renewing your energy, but also renew your mind and focus! Relaxation is the magic word, the key! Including quality time spent daily on yourself will give you quality time writing great quality content and preventing burnout syndrome.

Your brain cells function excellent receiving oxygen, so I guess doing some walking outdoors in Nature or enjoying some pampering hours in a wellness resort will give you back much energy to keep on writing your articles or books.

Also, eat healthy, nurturing your body’s cells will experience fewer blockages while creating your content for your website or book.

How do you have experienced building your blog website? Have you ever experienced writer’s block, or do you have any advice on preventing it? We would love to hear what you think.

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