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I don’t know if you have liked writing articles in school, but I loved it. Thinking about a theme, using my imagination, and writing something right of my heart has become a tool for me since then to ventilate my thoughts. How to write an article for a website in affiliate marketing is not different. The way you have learned in school to organize a text is the same today.

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I know that many people already decline from building an affiliate marketing business due to the insecurity of thinking that they have no writing skills. I tell you, that is not the truth! Ok, some people have problems using the right grammar or spelling. Living in the Netherlands, I am speaking and writing Dutch now. I have to admit that even my mother language, German is sometimes difficult for me to spell right, but this is because Dutch and German have many similarities. Writing English is a challenge for me, but using a great program like Grammarly has helped me to master this difficulty; still, you, as a native English, will certainly notice that I am coming from another country. 🙂

It is all about using what you have learned in school to write articles for your website, which is not difficult. Practice is the key to advanced writing skills. Writing is something like all other tools; by practicing, you become a master, and it should never be the reason to keep you from starting creating an affiliate website. Stay with me, and I will show you how to write a beautiful post using a certain topic.

Finding a Topic to Write About

First, you need to find something to write an article about. Favorable; if you have found your niche, it is a topic you are passionate about and would love to share with your readers. If you have found a good niche, you will find many possibilities to write articles that are straightforward and easy to read. Quality is important, but it shouldn’t be a complicated article that contains lots of scientific or technical words people can’t understand. Such articles draw only some in this area specialized readers to your website.

Believe me, most people in the world want to read easily understandable content, I included. Still, quality is essential! If you have created your website in your niche, and you can use any niche in affiliate marketing, your first goal is to create traffic, to have the potential buyers coming to your website, buying your products using your affiliate links. It is the way how to build up an excellent income stream from your website.

Finding a good niche, watch this video!

video, Finding your niche.

Affiliate marketing is the business form of the future and rising these days. Some people want to live a quality life, having time for significant things in their life, like family and friends. Living life in nature without all the pollution of a city, eating healthy, living healthy without the mega stress of a job where I work for little money for someone else, ruining my health by the daily demands of the employer, and high living costs, has been my dream always. I need quietness and quality of life; the stressful demands of my nursing job have made me ill, created chronic disorders in me that I have now under control by living healthy, avoiding enormous stress. This alone makes a great topic to write an article about it. So many people in this world suffer from such demanding expectations of their employers and their financial needs, trying to support their families and their own lives. Affiliate Marketing is a way to develop financial freedom,

However, I always have loved my work as a nurse. Still, the faults in the system leave nurses and doctors, and other medical staff completely burned out, having a difficult time recovering while getting back in these demanding professions.

Organizing an Article

You could use templates to write your article, structuring the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, making it easy to write posts. I use a template, but you can do it by yourself, which is not difficult either. Writing an article for the internet should have about 1000 words or more. The more you practice, the better you will write and the more words you will write. You automatically become better in writing while practicing; the same applies to every skill. The more you practice, the more you become skilled at what you are practicing.

Below you see a screenshot of one of my articles using a template.

How to write an article for a website in affiliate marketing?

I know that many people fail to write a basic 500 words post due to not knowing how to write about a topic. But there is a simple structure we have learned in school you could use to write your articles.

The structure consists of

1) An Introduction

2) The Body, structured in three or four or more parts.

a) first part

b) second part

c) third part

3) Conclusion or Final Thought.

When you write an article for the internet, you will write about 1000 words and more. Believe me, that it is quite simple, starting with about 500 words, maybe for your “About Me” page, while you may easily write a blog post about 1000 words for your website. If you are passionate about a topic, say ” Fitness,” and it is already your hobby, you will surely be able to write more than 1000 words. The more you are becoming a full-time blogger, the more and better you will write blog posts. So, never worry! You will become skilled in writing quality content and your writing speed.

Later you can write on any topic 1000 and more words. 🙂

Starting With The Introduction

At the beginning of an article, you should always introduce people leading to your content. An introduction lets people know about the post’s content, what you are going to write about. Most time, you want to write a short introduction like you introduce someone to other people; it is the same as your topic; you will introduce your topic to people in few sentences.

If we use this blog post, you can read my introduction above, where I wrote some more words for the introduction, but it is not necessary, just a few words about the content the reader has to expect. However, I would always choose an introduction that captures your website visitor and invites him/her to read on. You see this happening on landing pages, where the author will keep you on his/her page to read the whole content to finally by a call to action button inviting you to buy a product, a method that is called affiliate marketing, and also your goal to create a steady income.

A very well-written and described introduction will let your readers want to know more about the topic.

Writing the Content- The Body

Before you start to write your content, you think about what you want to tell your readers by structuring the post in headings and thinking about the text.

What is your intention in writing about the topic?

What do you want the reader to learn or to do?

I always start with excellent keyword research using a keyword research tool. If I have a few or many competitors, I am aware of the critical step in getting ranked by search engines and recognized by the internet visitors searching for this topic. A good position leads to more traffic, more visitors, more potential buyers.

You can read about the necessity of an excellent keyword research tool you can use for your search here in my blog post.

Having found an excellent low-hanging- fruit competitive keyword, I begin to structure and write the headings. For example, my title is ” Five Possibilities of Working From Home using the Internet.”

1) I write a short introduction about the intention of my blog post.

2) I structure the post into five parts, beginning every part with a heading

a) 1. part

Becoming a full-time blogger, providing people with tips.

b) 2. part

Building an e-commerce business.

c) 3. part

Writing content for companies.

d) 4. part

Translating content for companies.

e) 5. part

Becoming an affiliate marketer.

For every part, I write content so people can get an idea and help with their questions. Being an affiliate marketer, I provide them with affiliate links leading to products they can use for reaching their goal. It should always be a win/win situation, never lie or sell products that cost people a lot of money, but they can’t use them very well, only for you to earn huge money. Be transparent and honest about your products that should have excellent ratings and help your buyers prevail and finally succeed, bringing them further while using the products instead of getting stuck. You yourself have started the same way, maybe having been on a low budget and pleased when other people have been a real help to you, bringing your business to success.

Writing the Conclusion

However, the last point of the structure is the conclusion or final thought, where you provide a summary of your content pointing to the most important steps they need to know. You can also put your final thoughts, like your opinion, into this part of your article or asking the reader about his/her view and experiences. I love to ask questions about their perspective because I learn much from others telling me what they think. It also helps to create a discussion.

As an affiliate marketer, you could also provide a link to your recommendations in this section. I prefer to place my recommendation at the beginning and the end of my posts, helping others to shortcut their search, checking out the recommendation post. Very often, my readers find what they already need and purchase the products. Always be thoughtful and provide help. 🙂

Final Thought

Writing a blog post is not difficult when you know how to start and the importance of the structure of an article. You could always start writing 500 words, but your goal should be 1000 or more words you will easily reach by regularly writing articles. There are also writing templates available, for example, in WordPress.

If you would like to learn how to become a successful blogger and affiliate marketer, you might prefer to join an affiliate marketing platform to learn how to build up an online business from scratch.

My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, an honest platform where many people have created a 5 and 6 – figure income. Please read my review, and decide for yourself!

I would love to hear what you are thinking. Please leave your comments in the section below! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and let me know! 🙂

To Your Success,


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4 Thoughts on “How to Write an Article for a Website In Affiliate Marketing?”

  • Hi Sylvie,

    Good article to guide people on how to write for affiliate marketing websites. I can relate since I am also building one affiliate marketing website to promote products that I found useful and helpful. Practices make perfect! When I first started writing, I cannot even write 500 words. But after trials and trials, now I can write over 1500+ words easily. It only takes practice to add more flavor to your articles to help people make better decisions instead of selling…

    Anyway, Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are good tools to build an online business because I am also using them for my website. I vouch for everything you mentioned here about the quality of the service they provide. If people like to start making money online, Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are good starts.


    • Hi Matt, Thank you very much for your comment! You are very right about practicing makes the master. Perfection comes from writing regular articles, and the time we need will be shorter, so we even can write content several times per day. Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are great to start with, but also when you are already advanced. I wouldn’t do it without them. 🙂

  • Good info to guide people on how to write an article.

    This is a good way to write an article, you follow these steps and you know what you’re writing about.

    I join the Wealthy Affiliate and write the first article I had about 500 words. I didn’t know what to say about it anymore. When I start my training with WA I start to write my title first and put some structure as you talk about in this post Introduction, The Body, structured in three or four or more parts. the first part, second and third part and just with this part I had more than 1000 words and I hadn’t written my conclusion. So with a good construction part it been easier for me to write 1200 to 1600 words now, and I still consider myself a beginner in this world of business. Thank you for sharing this post with us, I enjoyed reading it.

    • You do great, Lyne! I mean, writing about 1600 words for the body is really fantastic. With practice, you will even be able to write a book. That is my goal, writing a book. I will write several articles and provide affiliate training; maybe you would like to follow me. It is for free. Thank you for your comment, and I wish you much success! 🙂

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