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Ageras is an international company that delivers leads to accountants, bringing together accountants and their future clients, called a matchmaking service. Internationally working, based in Denmark for Europe with branches in the Netherlands,  Germany, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, and since 2019 in The States of America.

Several businesses have asked me to write a review about Ageras due to their awful experiences with this company. Now I have been curious about how this company works and what I will find on the internet doing my research. Because I am speaking and understanding German, Dutch and English, I could do my research in these countries. I found out that clients who have found a liable accountant have written very excellent reviews, showing that Ageras has a great reputation. However, accountant companies that have given a review about Ageras are all negative, even saying that Ageras is a scam. That is an interesting statement! Please follow me through this review! I will do my research and provide you with an honest review!

Company’s Details

Company: Ageras

Founded: 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark,  still the headquarter of the company

since 2019, they own an office in Philadelphia, The States of America

Founder: Rico Andersen dropped out of school to become an entrepreneur, becoming one of the youngest CEOs in Denmark.

Rico Anderson

Their mission is going global. Ageras is backed by Investcorp, one of the biggest capital funds in the world with over $34 billion in assets. Their goal is to become the leading accounting service worldwide. Their AboutMe page says that as the largest professional service platform in Europe, they’re working to increase transparency and make it easy for their potential customers to find the right accountant, which sounds honest and promising.
Ageras is an international matchmaking service for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services. User reviews of professionals are based solely on objective criteria.

Brand: The three blue shapes in the Ageras logo represent the three quotes they send to their customers.

Ageras logo


 Trustpilot rating Ageras


“Our success is measured by your success”!

We’ve turned the process of matching the right business with the right accountant into a science. The result? Happy users all around. ( Ageras)

This is a strong slogan and promises excellence, being customer and partner-friendly. Ageras consists of a young team in their offices, proclaiming that the company is a great employer. You will find only positive statements on the website. Ageras brings accountants together with their clients, being a matchmaking partner.

The service of finding an accountant’s office is free for the customer while the accountant is paying the expenses. The contract is made for a year when both parties have to fulfill their contract, as Ageras delivers a certain amount of leads to the small accountant businesses that have to provide the customer with an offer.

What I have seen throughout the internet is that customers are pleased to have found a great accountant office to work with. They praise Ageras very much, giving a positive rating you can find on Trust Pilot.

However, I can’t find any positive ratings from any accountant businesses on the internet. Throughout the USA, Germany, and the Netherlands, the businesses that have worked with Ageras are giving negative statements about Ageras. That is really striking!

On the website, all reviews are from customers. It seems that Ageras is ‘ adorning itself with borrowed plumes. Customers providing a review are mainly happy to have found a loyal, trustworthy accountant. .’

Rating Ageras on website

Strangely, there is no accountant office found in Germany, The Netherlands, and the States that have given positive reactions to Trustpilot; however, the businesses seeking a reliable accountant have mostly provided a positive review.

Here are examples of accountants who were very disappointed about the partnership with Ageras.


negative rating Ageras


Rating Ageras, USA

I have found more negative reviews.


– Matchmaking Service to bring businesses together with an accountant.

– Delivering leads for accountants

– Leads are called by customer service to be prepared for the accountant, Ageras does all the preparation work.

– Finding accountants and clients who are located close to each other.

– Great customer reviews.

– Customers are receiving three quotes, completely free

– Quality guaranteed for the customer


principles of working for Ageras Customers


– No reviews of accountants on the website.

– Leads are offered to three different accountants, but all three partners pay the price.

– Negative reviews of not having delivered leads for some months to accountants on Trustpilot.

– One-year contract for accountants that can not be easily broken.

– Voices on Trustpilot of accountants feeling trapped by the contract, even when Ageras failed to follow up the promised service.

– Accountants mentioning that they had to pay monthly fees and commissions even when Ageras has failed to deliver.

– Quite expensive, the accountant needs to first earn some money to be able to pay the fee.

– The accountant has to offer a low-cost price to the client regarding the competition he has to fear.

– Partners have mentioned on the internet that they had trouble leaving the contract after being a year a partner of Ageras. The company has ignored the accountants resignation.

Is Ageras a scam?

No, Ageras is an international company that promises to deliver excellent service as a matchmaker to businesses and accountants. It is a real company with employees, users( customers), and experts. The rating is real and excellent.

My Opinion

In my opinion, while searching the internet and reading the reviews, I wouldn’t partner with this company. The negative reviews of accountants who have been or are still in contract with Ageras wouldn’t give me any trust to believe their promises. This company seems to be too fantastic to be truthful. They are of great value for customers( businesses) that seek an accountant. But the price pays the partner, even for not delivered promises. This company doesn’t feel trustworthy to me. If I am a business owner needing an accountant, I would ask Ageras for help.

This review is based on my recherche! You decide for yourself! However, always search the internet before you sign a contract!

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