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Welcome to my review post about Jaaxy.

There are many keyword research tools throughout the internet that you could use; even Google is very great to find keywords that rock and bring you in the best search engines; for every affiliate marketer, a must to pass the competition. Jaaxy is a unique niche finding tool that finds brand new niches without competition.

Today I will give a review on Jaaxy; I have already written a blog explaining the meaning of a keyword research tool and how to use Jaaxy, which is very simple and straightforward. Most keyword research tools have pros and cons, and Jaaxy is no exception.

Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Developer: Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate Owners)

Price: depends on the membership

Rating: 98 out of 100

General overview of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Kyle and Carson, who are affiliate marketers, have developed Jaaxy for affiliate marketers; therefore, they are people who know very well how difficult it is to find a good powerful keyword to get ranked by search engines.

If you are writing blog posts where you will insert affiliate links and reach many readers to build up traffic, you need to have a powerful keyword research tool. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know your competition. Keywords are vital for affiliate marketers, who try to monitor and track their keywords for better performance.

If you have found a great keyword that many people are looking up for, you will get higher ranked by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  This is building organic traffic to your website, whereas your readers are potential buyers of products promoted by you.

Jaaxy also has powerful tools you can use to find the perfect keyword with low competition. I will show you all the features Jaaxy includes, the pros and the cons, but also my own opinion.

Jaaxy’s Features

An affiliate marketer needs to find the right, low-competitive keywords for their niche to include in their blog posts, giving them more possibilities to create traffic to their website and rank high on the first pages of search engines.

When using Jaaxy, you will find certain features to boost the search of powerful keywords. Here you see a screenshot searching for the keyword “Organic Skincare.”

Jaaxy screenshot

If you search for organic skincare, you see several different terms, like AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO, and Domains. The most important ones for you as an affiliate marketer are AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO.

AVG means the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.

Traffic is the visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines.

QSR stands for Quoted Search Results, the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword.

KQI means Keyword Quality Indicator, whereby green is great, yellow is ok, and red is poor.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a score based on traffic and competition; the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page( scale of 1-100, higher=better).

Domains stand for the availability of domains that are related to the keyword.

The next screenshot shows you the value of these features.

Jaaxy, screenshot explaining the features

You can now see which QSRs are poor, meaning high competition, which is great, meaning low competition. You want to reach a higher AVG and traffic combined with a low QSR and a high SEO.

In the case of organic skincare, I would use the keyword ” what is the best organic skincare?” or “What is the best organic skincare line?”, whereby the first one has more people searching the term and more traffic which is important for your posts to be read.

The other features of Jaaxy are:

Brainstorm: A list of keywords to help you brainstorm.  By brainstorming, you can track the best keyword if you haven’t found any good one.

Alphabet soup to narrow down the search using the alphabet letters, which helps you find a low- competitive keyword.

Site Rank: A feature to monitor and track the position of your post on Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Site rank feature of Jaaxy,screenshot

Affiliate Programs: This feature helps you find the best affiliate programs for your keyword, a very convenient tool to find affiliate companies to sign up with. It makes your work easier and more comfortable than searching the internet for affiliate partners.

Jaaxy affiliate programs search,screenshot

I think this is already quite amazing for a keyword research tool platform and already worth signing up with.

The Price:

There are three forms of membership, the free starter, the pro, and the enterprise. Conveniently, you can begin with the free starter and check out if you like Jaaxy. Here is a screenshot of different forms of membership, so you have the possibility to compare them.

Jaaxy sceenshot, 3 forms of membership


I checked the starter membership, and I think there are already great features to get along with, at least at the beginning of your business. As an affiliate marketer, is it essential to have a great keyword research tool to compare your keywords with the competition and to know the newest topics people want to know?

To know how Jaaxy really works, I have included a video into this review to give you more accurate insight.

Jaaxy video, screenshot

The Pros

– An efficient working keyword research tool to find you low-hanging keywords.

– Brainstorm feature to give you a good insight into finding great keywords.

– Alphabet Soup feature to narrow down your search for a powerful keyword

– Gives you an overview of affiliate programs to join promoting products according to the niche.

– Site rank to monitor your posts’ organic ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

– Three different forms of membership gives you a convenient beginning with the free starter membership to check out the power of Jaaxy.

– If you join Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you receive  the Jaaxy research tool included, which saves you money

– A great rating, 98 out of 100

The Cons

– No geo-specific searches possible. It can’t track rankings based on your location.

– It is not free but has a starter option where you can use 30 searches for free.

My own opinion

I tried Jaaxy for my business, and I am very pleased with the results. You can form your own opinion, which is a huge plus point because you can start for free. It helped me begin my online journey. Still, I mainly use Jaaxy for my keywords.


Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool you can get with so many features included. It is developed by affiliate marketers who couldn’t find a good keyword tool at the beginning of their online businesses. Knowing what they were looking for and what is needed, they have created Jaaxy, a convenient keyword research tool for all affiliate marketers. I would definitely give it a try.

If you would like to join my # 1 recommendation, you get Jaaxy included. Check it out!

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To Your Success,


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6 Thoughts on “Jaaxy- The Best Keyword Research Tool That Rocks”

  • Hi Sylvie,

    I use Jaaxy every time I write for my articles to find the perfect keywords, so I vouch for everything you mentioned here. It’s indeed the best SEO tool for affiliate marketing beginners since Kyle and Carson make it really easy to use and easy to understand. It helps my articles to rank higher on search engines because I do good keyword research, which I don’t know I can do before building my website. Some of my articles get indexed faster on search engines because of Jaaxy, so I cannot imagine my online journey without it now.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review. It makes me go through again how powerful and how good Jaaxy is, and I am grateful that I found it not long ago. 🙂


    • Hi Matt, I am very pleased about your comment! You are so right, Jaaxy is really a very convenient tool, and I use it most time. The articles get ranked faster, which is very important. I am so glad you confirm my article. Thank you very much, Matt!

  • I have been using Jaaxy to research my article titles ever since I started my blogging journey! I have tried other tools as well but found myself coming back to Jaaxy for its simplicity in use, affordable plans, and super quick & accurate results speeds. Your post breaks down pros and cons to the t! Personally, the biggest con I found with the starter version of Jaaxy was that it didnt allow for me to make lists. However, it does have this option available in the paid versions. This I feel is a super crucial and huge time-saver feature. Anyways, i really agree with your post in that this tool really rocks!

    • Hi Sasha, Yes, you are right, but you can make a list via Google and come back to Jaaxy. This worked perfectly for me. I have to admit that in the beginning, I had problems finding a good keyword, even when using Jaaxy. I first learned how to use it, and now it is no problem anymore, and I love it. However, I always recommend upgrading the membership. Many features are very convenient for Bloggers. Thank you very much for your comment!:)

  • Thanks to your tips, I have now upgraded and I am loving the experience and features that come with Jaaxy enterprise. Totally worth it. Thanks so much once again Sylvie! 🙂

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