John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review- Does it Work?

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Today I am going to review a product where many people have questions about. It is about John Thornhill, who claims that everyone using his business strategy will succeed the way he does. No other Affiliate Marketers are using this strategy, and it earns him a 6-figure income that sounds awesome, I believe, to your ears.

However, so many guys proclaiming their strategy is the only one, so these proclamations motivate me to look deeper to find out if this is a scam or real. Stay with me in this review!


Product: John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

Creator: John Thornhill

Price: $ 497.00 ( normally $1497)

Branche: online business

I don’t receive any commissions writing a review about John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program! 

Who is John Thornhill?

John Thornhill has been in the affiliate marketing business for more than 15 years, a very successful Affiliate Marketer.  Frustrated and dissatisfied by a normal job that didn’t leave him any space for his own input and creativity, he was motivated enough to leave his job, entering a successful carrier as an affiliate marketer and creating and selling his own products that brought him a high income.

John Thornhill


Product Information

The John Thornhill’s Ambassador program is a business strategy, a ClickBank super funnel that allows users to apply it to their businesses in 27 minutes to generate $ 3136,50 recurring commissions. John Thornhill claims that others using his program will generate about $ 1,362,342 while copying his business.

John Thornhill has designed his Ambassador Program to allow you to earn money online by permitting you to sell his products. It allows you to keep the entire sale amount and enjoy access to many different features to help you succeed in your business, making the first $30000 within 30 days. It is designed to help you earn the desired income with little effort. People who purchase his Ambassador program are allowed to use his products to make money and selling them, keeping the full amount of the sale. It sounds perfect. However, I couldn’t find any reviews of customers.

This program will provide you with

  1. an own custom-built Evergreen Webinar set up to generate subscribers and take orders
  2. an own custom-built affiliate website to help you generate a 50/50 profit share from your affiliate’s earnings by recruiting new affiliates.
  3. 99 days worth of ready-made emails that can be uploaded into your autoresponder in seconds to  potentially  generating prospective sales daily 
  4.  Advanced traffic training
  5. Ongoing training
  6. Full support and more features to use
  7. Once you have joined the program, you will have access to the Partnership, an advanced coaching, and training program.
  8. You will learn to create your own products and promote and sell them.

John Thornhill's Ambassador Program Review- Does it work?


100%   60-Day money back Guarantee shows how confident John is about his business strategy, providing you great success.

– Two other payment options, 2x $ 275 or six times $ 97( six months)

– 100% payout of all the sales of John’s regular funnel products and 50% of the sales of John’s High Ticket upgrades.

– 50% of the sales of carefully selected products that will be promoted in your 99-day email sequence.

– 50/50 profit share of all the sales of any upgrade offer your affiliates invest in. I think this is really fair.

– Advanced traffic training will enable you to generate at least 1000 visitors within the first 30 days.

– You receive all help and support you need for running your business.



– I couldn’t find any customer review

– It is an online product

– After joining for free, you need to upgrade quickly to get access to all the features and make a profit.

– You will be asked to pay an additional fee using the program, which you will first be aware of by joining the program and paying your initial costs.

My Opinion

I think watching his webinar and diving into his business strategy, he provides a great program for others to follow him, building a successful Affiliate business. Offering a 60-Day money-back guarantee shows John’s confidence that his strategy works and will help people succeed. That alone gives me a good feeling about his products.

The value of an excellent amount of offered features in this program is outstanding. He provides space for members to be creative, creating their own products to bring onto the market. You will receive much support.

Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program a scam?

No, it is not! It is a great opportunity to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business! However, you have to join to get whitelisted and be able to proclaim his products.


Final Thought

This program is very well organized and provides many features you need. It is complete and doesn’t leave you abandoned, relying on many upsells before you can start creating your business. I certainly will recommend John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program.

However, I will introduce my # 1 recommendation I have used and have much success with. It is Wealthy Affiliate Platform that provides you with every feature you need for affordable pricing, without upsells ( I think that is very important, I don’t like surprises of upsells).

Joining this platform you will learn

  1. how to build a website,
  2. how to find a niche
  3.  how to find an excellent domain name
  4. finding a great keyword using a keyword research tool for SEO
  5. how to write quality content
  6. how to receive much traffic
  7. how to find excellent affiliate programs for your niche to promote products
  8. how to write books
  9. how to create landing pages
  10. how to put an email list together using certain plugins.

You can get already some features while starting a free membership to be able to check out if this platform is something for you.

Also, you will receive all training, classes, and support, mental and technical, that has made Wealthy Affiliate the best platform ever for me, and I have already tried many.

You can find out yourself. Please read my review and decide for yourself!

Wealthy Affiliate


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