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If you are not a believer, you might not know about paying tithes, but you might know about the law of abundance. Maybe you have already read articles, or a book about it, maybe you have heard about this law. Of course, it is not a law made by the government; however, paying taxes in the country where you live and work does belong to this law. By paying taxes, we fill the state treasury, which is important for a country.

Law of Abundance - Paying tithes

The law of abundance is universal, and there are several points you must do to attract abundance. As a believer, I know about paying tithes and offerings; it is like engraved in the heart of every real believer. Jesus has served others and belonging to Him; we automatically love to do the same.

However, it is interesting how many believers are having difficulties trusting God’s word in their finances. But the blessing of God is ultimately connected to paying tithes and offerings. If you give abundantly and with a joyful heart, you will receive your blessings, and that is not only money. You will create an overflow!

What is Abundance?

If I ask people this question, most of them reply that having lots of money in abundance, being a millionaire.  But this is not true!


The definition of abundance is according to the ‘Vocabulary.com’:

To have an abundance of something is to have more than you need. It’s often used to describe positive qualities, such as an abundance of love.
Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. An abundance of wealth is a ton of cash. An abundance of friends sounds like a good thing, but it can get overwhelming when scheduling time to hang out or buy gifts. This noun comes to us from the mid-14th century French via the Latin Abundantia, meaning “fullness, plenty.

In ancient Roman religion, Abundantia, also called Abundita (Latin pronunciation: [abʊnˈdantɪ.a]) was a divine personification of abundance and prosperity. The name Abundantia means plenty or riches. Abundantia was a goddess of abundance, money-flow, prosperity, fortune, valuables, and success. ( Wikipedia)

Living in abundance does mean to be blessed beyond, having an overflow of something positive. We associate wealthy people who possess money, real estate, gold, jewelry, businesses with abundance. But you can also have an abundance of health, friends, ideas, food, time, etc. There is no limit.

What goes hand in hand is being thankful for what you receive and giving others from your abundance. You will see a change in your mindset. Did you ever experience this? By being thankful and giving others, you start the law of abundance to kick in!

Paying Tithes From the View of the Bible

I have experienced it so often; giving opens up a port receiving a richer life.

The bible says in Malachi 3/8-11:

” Will a man rob God?

Yet you have robbed Me!

But you say,

In what way have we robbed You?


You are cursed with a curse.

For you have robbed Me,

Even this whole Nation.

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,

That there may be food in MY house,

And try me now in this,

Says the Lord of hosts,

If I will not open for you the windows of heaven

And pour out for you such blessing

That there will not be room enough to receive it.

And I will rebuke the devoured for your sakes,

So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground,

Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,

Says the Lord of hosts.”

The word of God says very clearly that we should bring all tithes and offerings into the storehouse. If every person brings his tithes to church to help them to give the poor, to grow, and to be able to pay all the expenses a church has, there will come so much abundance that you will not even be able to keep it all because it is overflowing, and neverending.

treasure trove

I had so many experiences where I didn’t have any money to get out of debts, rent an apartment, etc. By giving my tithes and offerings, I opened a door, and everything fell into place. I always have been more a giver than taking from others.

But to learn to receive blessings, we need to be open to both actions. Receiving is not only a passive but also an active action.  If you can’t receive, you are creating an imbalance spiritually. Very often combined with self-sabotage where we sabotage our blessings. I still have to learn to overcome struggles. We are all humans. 😉

It is a pity, but I have seen so many Christians who cannot give because it hurts their finances. They have the impression that they have not enough money to give.

People love to give out of abundance, having not enough money as a seed, we still need to trust God in His word and give first Him the tenth of our income, and we will be surprised how much we will receive and how much our wealth is increasing. It is not all about money! For me, wealth is also having friends and family to interact with.

My pastor always said, give first God, and He will take care of everything. It can be money, or a service, helping others, giving food, driving people, etc

Many millionaires give a lot of their wealth to others, organizations, churches, projects; by blessing others, they bless God, and they will receive abundantly!

God is not interested in our money because it already is His’s money; everything belongs to God; however, God wants to see our heart if we trust Him and believe His word!

Start giving, and you will be blessed! If you have experienced it, please let us know in the comment section. We love to hear testimonies! 🙂

Law of Abundance Universally

If you are not a Christian, I urge you, even then, to become a giver. Start to donate to an organization, which puts its effort into supporting poor people, children, animals, or saving the planet.

seeds in a left hand of a man If you have started your business and already have earned a little commission, give it away. Plant the seed of abundance, water it by giving more, and regular.

Planting seeds to get your business rolling, and growing your income, should be your main task.

If you walk through the streets or in your neighborhood, you will see enough people who need your help.

If you wish for more organic traffic, start to retweet or share other people’s blog posts, which are also seeds.

You will be amazed! Even when others don’t share your posts, you will create an abundance of receiving traffic for your sites spiritually.

It will manifest, and you will receive lots of organic traffic. This is the law of abundance!

If you only think of yourself and expect others to share your posts without sharing other blog posts, you will finally dry up your ground spiritually. But if you seek seeds to plant, you will have an abundance you can plant and finally harvest. Sometimes, it is not obvious in the first weeks or months, but you will experience finally a breakthrough while planting your seeds by staying patient.

Start giving, and you will receive! Keep this cycle up! Combined with a thankful heart, you will be blessed! What you send into the spiritual realm will finally manifest, negative or positive! The same applies to sending money or other things their way; it will come back to you, often multiplied in such a way giving you lots of possibilities to plant new seeds.

In Dublin, I often went to a secondhand shop to find designer clothes for little money. It has been my primary task buying clothes for friends, and doing so; I have always been able to dress most beautifully, receiving more than I have given away.

Try it, and please tell us your experience!

Giving- the Most Beautiful Attitude

God sees our heart! If you don’t believe in God, know that your heart’s attitude sends out a message spiritually, and you will receive it back. Your thoughts, your emotions towards others, and yourself will create a blessing or a curse. Thoughts are powerful; you create your own world and the world of your children by influencing what they think about themselves and others.

If you are a heartfelt giver, you will receive blessings. Everything can be a seed, your money, your items, your thoughts, your actions.

Do you know the movie, “Pay it forward!”? A beautiful movie about a little boy who has received a task in school by his teacher to think about something to make the world a better place. This little boy started to do something for three people, something they desired very much, and these people had to give to three other people then, and so on. Such a beautiful movie; I had to cry.

This is another, but also beautifully done video about paying it forward! Enjoy!

If you are not used to give, and instead jealousy is nagging on your heart, stopping you from giving, be careful; you could put a curse on your life, maybe not be noticed initially.

Forgiving others is also a giving attitude; by forgiving other people, you free them, but mainly yourself. You cut that bondage you have created spiritually by feeling angry, disappointed, frustrated that keeps you in unforgiveness and in spiritual bondage. Forgiving breaks this bondage and is freeing you from this person spiritually and literally.

If you have problems with forgiving, it helps seeing yourself in the right light, recognizing that you do enough things that hurt others too. We forget that point so easily.

If you start to give, planting seeds, you will create an open heaven where the blessings will shower you in such a way that you will not have enough space to store it. Is this not a beautiful thought? Our world would be so much more beautiful! 🙂

Final Thought

The law of abundance depends on giving to others. Giving respect, you will receive respect! Giving love, you will receive love! Giving money, you will receive money! By sharing and retweeting posts, you will create traffic for your websites. Thinking positive about you and others will send blessings their way, helping to create a spiritually abundant world for them and yourself, manifesting in reality. If you understand how the law of abundance works, you will be able to relax and plant seeds wherever you go.

This article is my seed for you! Share it and help others grow and create blessings in their lives; thus, you have created blessings in your life! Pay it forward! 🙂

Please let me know what you have experienced! I would love to know what you think! Be blessed abundantly; that is my wish for you!

To Your Success,


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2 Thoughts on “Law of Abundance- Paying Tithes!”

  • Hi Sylvie, for me abundance is indeed having more than I need. But not in the sense of money but in the sense of kindness and friendship. I am not religious so I don’t get inspiration from most religious texts. Yet, there are always some pearls in between, as are in almost any text.

    Giving is a human fundamental, despite the complaint of a lot of people that others are egoistic. Some people might be, but as Rutger Bregman says in his book most people are good. Coincidentally, Tom wrote an article for our blog about that as well some time ago.

    I can partly agree with giving money, yet, I see this paying your tithes also in time. Lots of people do voluntary work, which is also paying tithes. If giving money is no more than paying a lump sum, so that someone does not have to think about it anymore, I don’t think it makes much sense.

    • Hi Hannie, I love your comment! You are so right about giving! It is not only about money; even many people see it that way. Giving and sowing seeds can be everything, and time and friendship are very precious. Donation is also a great seed, and every person should give with a joyful heart, meaning giving what he wants and can afford, and with joy. People giving under pressure will not feel joyful, and I think it is better not to give in that case. Great Hannie!:)

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