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Instead of writing reviews, I will introduce some success stories here at Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate has more than two million members where many of them have built successful online businesses earning a 6-figures income. If I tell you that this is hard work asking for determination, motivation, and consistency, otherwise you wouldn’t make it, would you run away? 🙂

I believe there have been many days when the successful businesswomen and men just wanted to give up, but they kept on pressing, and now after months to years, these members have succeeded, but it doesn’t stop there.

Some people trying to create an online affiliate marketing business give up after some months. I read that about 80 % of all designed websites per year are just stopping. Only 20% keep pressing on. It is a pity because they often give up just before they press through the port of success.

If I read people’s questions, especially on  Facebook, who want to make quick money, asking for help. I think they have no idea, and I am worried about becoming easy victims of marketers who promise the world. When I send them the link to our platform, and they read that it takes time to grow a successful business, they dismiss me. It is completely unreal to think about earning money overnight.

If you build an offline or online business, it doesn’t matter; you need to work more than like being an employee. Working a 5-9 job means you are off at the weekend and in the evenings, but working for yourself means you have to invest many hours into your business. This could cost you years! Having an online business also means that you need to build up a reputation by consistently working on your website, finding high-ranking keywords, writing high-quality content three times per week or daily, optimizing for search engines.

Traffic is essential, and content is king!

There is always something to do like promoting your posts and affiliate products on social media, finding affiliate products for writing reviews. If you don’t like the idea of working for your business, you better stop here and leave. I am serious!

Now, I will introduce a successful Wealthy Affiliate member to you who has worked hard for his success. I am going to present a beautiful success story at Wealthy Affiliate:

Tony Lee Hamilton

Tony Lee Hamilton is a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform since 2015 and is known in the online world as the Digital Marketing Veteran. According to Tony, he has been earning an income online since 2009, and it has been an adventure with ups and downs.

He has served America as a soldier in the US Army for about seven years. Honorably discharged, he went to studying Business Management and Marketing for four years. He didn’t want to go back to the Army, so he followed his brother and became a Truck Driver moving families across the States for about 13 years, which he did with great pleasure.

Tony was married but lost his wife due to cancer, and he has got a son he loves very much. It is so beautiful to see them together, father and son.

His passion is to help his friends earning an income online, which he is doing since 2009, and he does support them with all his heart.

His second vision is to build a Christian Family Campground to and before December 2023. He will surely reach his goal, mainly because his heart focuses on becoming the man God has created to be. And God is Faithful! 🙂

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, Tony has been already very successful for some years and is still growing every year.

Success Story Tony Lee Hamilton!

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2015, Tony has asked himself how could it be that he has not heard about WA in the time from 2009 till 2015 because joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2015  was the best step he has done. Being a premium plus member now, but before he was a premium member, he had access to all the features of this platform and learned everything needed to succeed. Tony doesn’t plan to leave Wealthy Affiliate because he still is learning so much, and he loves the community.

Original tone Tony Lee Hamilton:

“I never plan not to be a member here at Wealthy Affiliate as I learn something new every day & earn more than I pay every month with their affiliate program……”

He is earning multiple streams of passive and residual income and is still excited waking up in the morning and learning that he has made a commission while sleeping. Something I guess every one of us would love to experience. He has learned to value Wealthy Affiliate very much, and 2021 is already his best year, and it is only June. So, we are all excited to see his income increasing!

Tony shows us that it is more than worth building an affiliate marketing business, promoting affiliate products. Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for everyone who wants to dive into these possibilities, creating passive recurring income that increases every year. There are nearly two million members who have the same dreams.

Please, feel free to read his post about his 6th anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate.

6th Anniversary here at Wealthy Affiliate-Tony Lee Hamilton


Tony Lee Hamilton

Read here Tony’s blogpost!

Tony Lee Hamilton at WA

Read here Tony’s blogpost!

success story Tony Lee Hamilton

Read Tony’s success story here!

Wealthy Affiliate – Success is Made Easy

Everything Tony says I will confirm! I can only say that I am happy that I have joined Wealthy Affiliate, even I am not yet in the position as Tony is. Building an affiliate marketing business takes up some time, and success doesn’t come overnight.

But when it starts to come, nothing will stop it from increasing. This is a reason that I intend to post a testimonial every week to prove that success is natural for the members at Wealthy Affiliate who never give up but keep pressing.

Following the training and watching the classes is desirable and recommendable, so you learn everything you need to know about setting up your business. It is such a valued knowledge, and when I think about how little I have known before I have joined the platform, it amazes me that even I could understand what is taught about building a website, finding the right niche, writing quality content, promoting it on social media, using the right tools, optimizing rankings on the search engines.

Yes, I didn’t even know what a browser is. Haha! Lol! But now, I have become a half expert in these things. Would you not like to be one as well?

Social media is still something I don’t like very much, but they are convenient for promoting our content and are worth learning how to use for our businesses. Some members have great success using YouTube for their videos, but many other members perform very well using Facebook and Instagram.

I prefer Twitter and Pinterest, especially Pinterest, an excellent tool for visually appealing content on one of my websites. I am a visual person and love to create pins for Pinterest, and I have much traffic coming from Pinterest.

Nowadays, there are more social media platforms I even don’t use, like Reddit and Quora.

I think everyone should try out Wealthy Affiliate to investigate if this platform is an excellent way for him to create a successful business. They have a starter membership for free, where you are already allowed to have one website, enough to find out if WA is suitable for you.

Success at WA


I have upgraded within one week for a sharp bonus, and I stayed upgraded, receiving another compensation when I went for the yearly payment. In my opinion, the prices are meager according to the benefits you receive from joining Wealthy Affiliate. However, I have taken my chance to start the free membership and was overwhelmed by the warm and helpful welcome I received bt the members.

Everyone is so valuable, has answered my many questions. Kyle was a personal mentor to me, helping me out in my time as a beginner. I have never experienced such a supportive affiliate platform before, and I still remember the awe I felt having created my first website within few minutes.

Ok, honestly, I was still doubting and expecting to get disappointed, something that has not come yet, after nearly nine months being a member of this beautiful platform. 🙂

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an educational affiliate marketing platform where you can learn to set up your affiliate marketing online business. You learn exactly the steps of how to create your business, finding a domain, building a website, writing content, everything I have described above.

Wealthy Affiliate is founded by the entrepreneurs’ Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, friends from Canada who are already in this affiliate business since 2005. I really love that they are very involved with their platform, popping into the live chat or commenting on the blogposts of members. They are down-to-earth guys.

You can ask them anything, and even the platform has about 800000 active members, they will answer you. Amazing!

Kyle, Carson and Jay

Altogether there are about 2 million registered members, a community where support is the priority, so joining this platform, you will receive lots of support mental, emotional, and technical. In addition, members are very keen to provide you with their knowledge, helping you out.

We have worldwide Affiliate marketers who are joining together to a hugely supportive community.


Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketers worldwide

The education is something I am really recommending to you. If you stop educating yourself, your brain’s cells will die.

So, why not earning while learning? It can be really overwhelming initially, but finally, you get the clues and connect the dots. I tell you every university is much more expensive, and you still need to start earning money after study, repaying your loan.

At Wealthy Affiliate University, you learn life lessons that can earn you a high income. But I will be honest, it takes some months, even years, to make an income.

However, it will come!!!!! If you are determined, and that aren’t many people, you will succeed! Hold fast to the successful members, and you will get there. Asking your questions is essential! Follow the training will open your eyes!

Wa Eduction banner

The training consists of two different courses, the Bootcamp and the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I would always start with the latter because it is more general training covering everything you need for your business.

If you see the price for such training, it is simply amazing. Normally, you pay a lot of money for your education, but there are three membership forms here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can start with the starter membership, which is free, and checking out all the features and the platform before you get serious, and upgrade to the other two memberships.

Premium and Premium Plus.

Zero risk, WA

Final Thought

Success is written in huge letters at Wealthy Affiliate, and it would be sad if you don’t try it out for free. With 800000 active members worldwide, you can imagine that there are many success stories. It is all about being consistent, motivated, and determined. Staying in contact with the community is the lifeblood of each member. They can be distracting and your fuel, a matter how you cope and act within the community. If you want to succeed, you will go for it without any distraction. However, the community is lovely and supportive.

Join the free membership and find out what makes Wealthy Affiliate attractive! But know, success is not coming overnight! As in every business, you need to invest time studying and optimizing, writing quality content, and placing the right affiliate links.

Find out for yourself!

Promise of no failing, WA


To Your Success,


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