The 12-Minute Affiliate System- Legit or Scam?

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Today I will provide a review about a product belonging to the category Sleep-Sales Technology.


Is the 12-minute affiliate system legit or a scam?


If you haven’t heard about it, I didn’t know either.  But I investigated the internet and read many reviews. Would I trust them? Certainly not, because most reviews are written by Affiliate Marketers who want to earn a commission; what is not wrong because it is affiliate marketing. The only thing is, can you trust them?  I can’t tell you, but I give my best to provide you with an honest review.

However, because I was interested in this product too like you, I searched the Internet, and I will provide you with all the pros, cons and my own opinion if you are interested. Let’s dive into the details.


Product: The 12-minute affiliate system claims to use the sleep-sales technology

Owner: Devon Brown

Costs: regular price $197 per month, now $ 9.95

Reviews: throughout the internet positive

Website: Devon Brown Marketing – 12 Minute Affiliate System


About the Product

The 12-minute system is developed to generate leads and sales while sleeping, the so-called sleep-sales technology. Devon Brown claims that the system has everything you need.

  • 100% done-for-you affiliate sales funnels
  • ​Build an email list and generate sales at the same time
  • Zero websites or product creation
  • 100% Newbie-friendly
  • Easy Push-Button traffic solution & done-for-you opt-in Pages
  • Your own Internet Business.

12-minute system


If you look at the claims, it sounds too good to be true, but many voices throughout the internet confirm the claims, and I could only find positive reviews of members.


About Devon Brown:

Devon Brown is an entrepreneur since 2007 and very eager to help people like you and me to have successful online businesses. What he loves more than anything is helping people uncover the layers of potential hiding within us. He is a real man and very sympathetic when you visit his site.


Devon Brown, Affiliate Marketer


There is free training on his site on how he became a Top- Affiliate Marketer on Clickbank, really worth watching it.

What does he say about himself?

“I’m an author, speaker, emcee, entertainer, internet entrepreneur, former hip-hop dancer, and student of life. I mostly talk about entrepreneurship and personal growth, but I’m more than happy to wade into other topics from time to time.”


  • Devon Brown is genuine. He already went through all problems.
  • The product is real and a great investment for beginners and settles Affiliate Marketers.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • It is a proven system; you can read many positive reviews on the internet.
  • It is good to follow for beginners. There is no experience needed.
  • You might earn affiliate commissions daily.
  • You can earn as much as you want.
  • You can earn from multiple streams of income.
  • This product can generate leads and affiliate sales on autopilot.
  • You don’t need to create your own products.
  • The price is now $9.95.
  • A full 14-day- risk-free trial.
  • Free training and support system.
  • The product comes with three bonuses.
  • The site shows proof of real income.
  • There are positive reviews on the internet.


  • Of course, testimonials and income are real proof but not guarantee; income results can vary.
  • I would love more time for a free trial.

My Opinion

Is the 12-minute affiliate system a scam? No, absolutely not! There are so many voices on the internet that this product works. I also think that the price is very affordable, it is far more of value. If you would like to try, you could here go and check the site.


Try the System for Just $9.95

====My Number #1 Recommendation====

However, I would like to show you my number #1 recommendation where I know for real that this is the best support and training you could get on the internet. The platform offers many advantages, and there are many testimonies about very successful members who have created a 6- or 7- figure income.



Cassi of Troy



Jerry Huang



Tony Hamilton


These are only a few members who have made such an income on this platform and have written success stories. But there are so many successful members.

If you join, you will receive every support, emotional, technical, and moral. You receive training and classes. Before you decide how you will keep going, you might want to try the free starter membership. You should definitely give yourself a chance. You never know; you might be the new success story.

However, know, it is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to put work and effort into building your affiliate business, but it is so much worth it, and what you learn is for a lifetime.

Check it out! You can already join for free!

My recommendation banner


If you have any questions, please let me know! I would love to answer them!


To Your Success,


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4 thoughts on “The 12-Minute Affiliate System- Legit or Scam?”

  1. That is another method and there are so many out there claiming they have found the best method to generate sales. I am always be careful about such claims, but I have searched the internet for Devon Brown, and found no negative word. So, I think it is worth to try him out. Thank you very much, Sylvie!

    • Yes, it seems to be a great product. Many people have said only positive things about Devon Brown and his product. However, I like it if you could try it out free and experience it if you like it or not. My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. They are a great platform to learn everything, receive all the training and support and tools you need. I leave you the link! Good luck!:)

  2. Hi Sylvie,

    Thanks for showing us what 12-Minute Affiliate System is. It seems like there are many positive online reviews toward this product, which is good to know. I am sure Devon knows one thing or two about affiliate marketing and shares the vast knowledge to teach people how to achieve the same.

    I am also curious about your #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, which seems a better alternative to start. Do both 12 Minute Affiliate System and Wealthy Affiliate offer free trials so that I can test the water first? Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Matt, Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, both have a free trial. So you can test if you like the products or the platform. However, my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate! They have great training and support, including the tools you need. Go, try the starter for free and find out for yourself! 🙂


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