The Wealthy Affiliate University- Education Never Stops!

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Hi, my name is Sylvie.

You know that I wrote the blog about “Living a free Life-Style” because this is my heart, living free wherever I want to stay.

Now I had many questions about how to do be able to live a financially free life. I will provide an honest description of my favorite Affiliate Marketing University, where I have learned everything for my online business.

Don’t look any further if you are looking for the key to a successful affiliate marketing business! I will tell you why!

The Wealthy Affiliate University- Education never stops


In my eyes, you can’t get a better platform.

For years, I have been busy building a website, an online business, and living a financially free life where I am my own boss! I tried German Affiliate Marketing Platforms and English ones.

I have watched so many YouTube videos about this topic. I tried nearly everything, from drop shipping to be paid, watching videos, building websites, blogging, and more. Other people highly recommended these to me. Nothing worked.

Looking up a certain Affiliate Marketing platform I just got involved with some months ago, I bumped into the Wealthy Affiliate platform by chance.  Having experienced the same issues repeatedly with these Affiliate platforms, I have been mistrusting Wealthy Affiliate initially.
They all promise you very much, and by joining them, you have to sign up for more, following upsells, paying quite a lot of money, but you are not helped. I wasn’t helped, and even worse, I purchased a product with a money-back- guarantee, but when I tried to get my refund, they rejected me. This was my experience with a high-performing German Affiliate Marketer. I was very disappointed!

It is like being a financial milk-cow for them.

But, I thought I would check the Wealthy Affiliate University, so I signed up for the starter membership. It is always very convenient if you have the possibility to join free to find out if you like their platform or products.

My goal has always been to create a health blog about Natural Health and heal or prevent chronic diseases.

As a nurse, I didn’t want to give only medications supporting a system I do not believe in. My goal is to reach out to many people and inform them about natural healing methods as I have healed myself. Giving my information to other people is my heart’s desire.

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate University, I began creating a website on this topic, and I am very grateful. There are so many people out there who desperately seek help for their health conditions. Having no money to spend on a medical system, which makes them only worse, is actually not the worse part. It is better to take responsibility and start living healthy.

If I tell you that I upgraded my membership within the first week and have already built two websites within 3 months with the help of this beautiful platform, would you believe me? And I had no idea where to start with.

This is my other website; you can check it out if you like!

I made the experience that building a website is done within 10 minutes, and I had no idea. However, I received every support and tool I needed, and it was suddenly so easy. Following the training made it straightforward. I had many questions, the members answered directly, helping me to reach my goal. The information I had to take in was overwhelming in the beginning. Still, I could go step by step, understand more technical terms, learn how to set up the website, and fill it with high-quality content, which I must admit wasn’t quality. While I have been writing content nearly daily, I improved my writing, and you would experience the same. I joined a program that is an excellent tool for Non-Native English writers and native English writers. It is Grammarly and very affordable for a yearly membership. If I didn’t have this program, my posts would be horrible to read! And still, I am making mistakes, I know.

Grammarly Banner

What does make Wealthy Affiliate a good choice?

Many plus points make Wealthy Affiliate University an excellent choice to join.

1. You can start for free!

And that is really a plus point. You build your website; you get the support you need, and you can check out if you like the platform.

As a starter, you can already have quite many features to try out. Maybe you would like to upgrade after a certain time, but that is up to you. You will have enough time to check out everything. If you have found out what your goal is, you can make up your mind.

It doesn’t matter offline or online; you need to be motivated and determined to go further. Everyone who tells you, you will become rich overnight is giving you false information. That is not possible. If you see the highly successful members on this platform, you will notice that they all have worked hard for some years before they could earn a 6- figure income. So, you might be preparing yourself that your business could take time at least about one year before you see results. However, it depends on the niche, and some people earn money already after three to six months. A high-competitive niche takes longer.

Check out what you will get for the starter membership!


2. For a  small fee yearly, you get a great membership to use quite many features.

There are two forms of fees, Premium Membership or Premium Plus Membership.

If you can’t pay yearly, you are allowed to pay monthly, which I did initially. But I have to tell you, by upgrading to yearly payment I got a discount I didn’t want to miss, and now I don’t need to worry anymore about payment. It is all done for a year, and I have the time to dedicate myself completely to my business. For me, that is a huge plus point!

Premium Membership is perfect; you can use all tools, get all support via the platform, and access the training and videos.

Premium Plus Membership is even better. Again, you have all help and tools, but you have more access to other things, like watching more expert videos, building up to 50 websites, and having full access to Jaaxy for keyword finding and ranking your websites. 

Jaaxy is also your tool for premium membership and very convenient for finding high-ranking keywords.

You might not understand these things, and it doesn’t matter at this stage. We all need to bring a portion of patience with us, and we all learn from the beginning. Don’t worry about that! Don’t worry at all!

The starter is excellent for the beginning. First, find out if you like the platform! I am convinced you will! 🙂

3. The Motto.

The founders of the platform are Kyle and Carson, from Canada. They are already from the very beginning of Affiliate Marketing in this business and are very experienced.

They have built their business around the Motto  “Pay it forward.” You will find this throughout the platform. We give others our help, answer questions, give constructive feedback on the websites, and share our knowledge. And we share our success stories! I love that!

There is a technical support team that helps you within minutes after you have asked your question. You are not alone with all the technical stuff, which helped me very much!

Joining the lessons and classes will greatly improve your knowledge. Here is an example of a training video.

video about a walk through through the Wealthy Affiliate


Many experts are helping you when you get stuck. You are never alone!

Many people are helping you stay motivated and keep going. The moral and emotional support is outstanding! Where do you get that?

You give, you will receive! How beautiful is that? This is my heart! That is God’s Heart! 🙂


4. Many testimonies of members who are already earning an excellent income online.

And you know it doesn’t matter what you do. You can blog or write content for other people or industries; you can do Affiliate Marketing, but you can also drop shipping or set up a website for an offline business where you promote your products.

Some people write books. There is so much to do; you will certainly find something that suits you. If you hear what the successful members share with you, you will be encouraged. Here is a very encouraging post of one member who has already built up an income strain in less than a year. You can read the blog here! 

Many members already earn a 6- figure income. Here is an introduction of several members.


Tony Lee Hamilton
Tony Lee Hamilton

Ivan Broz
Ivan Broz

Cassi of Troy
Cassi of Troy

Jerry Huang

What Do You Learn?

You will get to know everything you need to set up a successful online business!


  • Finding a domain name.
  • Using SiteRubix to create your website.
  • Hosting service.
  • Creating a website using a website builder.
  • Choosing your niche.
  • Choosing a WordPress theme.
  • Learning how to build a website.
  • Joining two blocks of Training where you learn everything you need to get running.
  • Learning how to write quality content.
  • Additional classes where you can deepen your knowledge and ask questions.
  • A support team that helps you with your technical stuff around SEO and your websites.
  • A keyword research tool, Jaaxy, to find a low competition keyword and rank high on the first pages of the search engines.
  • A community that supports.
  • Personal contact to Kyle and Carson, who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate

Where to begin with the Wealthy Affiliate University?

I give you a simple answer!

Begin with the starter membership, look around and find out if this platform is something for you. Don’t let this chance pass you!

Of course, you can always think about it and start later. But maybe you would regret that you didn’t start directly. You have learned already that the starter membership has much to offer.

I have to admit that within 1 week, I changed to Premium because I saw my chance. And I am pleased that I gripped it.

You will not build an online business with a profitable income in two months, but you can already earn money if you go steady your way within 6 months. An online business has to grow! If you have a strong will to change your world, you will make it!

                =====Here you can create an account!===== 

Assume you have the Premium or Premium Plus Membership; you have made your first website running.

The most important to do is writing content quality content with the intent of helping people who are searching the internet for your topic.

Assume you are in the Health branch and write content about health topics to help people with their problems; you need to build a readership to go up in your rankings for Google so that people will find your website. It is crucial to building traffic. Content and Traffic are key for an online business.

If you have great content but no traffic, there will be none who will find your website. That is what I have mentioned in the beginning; have patience!

A website needs to build trust by supplying great quality content, 2 x 3 posts a week, better daily. In this manner, you will build up your website and the traffic!

Wealthy Affiliate- A Laptop-style Life?


Yes, I say, Yes! 


There are many members already living the life they have dreamt of. If you like to be financially free and live your own lifestyle, you better set up your online business. The best method to earn good money and a recurring income, you could build an e-commerce or an affiliate marketing business. These online businesses are the future and still booming.

If you don’t know what an affiliate marketing business is, here is a video where Kyle explains what affiliate marketing is.


Screenshot about affiliate marketing, viseo


There are billions of people in this world who do shopping online and search the internet for products.

Final Thought

I honestly will recommend this great Platform! In my eyes, there is no better Affiliate Marketing Platform out there. My experiences are very concrete.

There is a starter membership, and maybe you should try it.   You will not automatically get into a paid membership, and no credit card is needed, as long you are a starter for free. It is entirely up to you if you will upgrade your membership.

You will be amazed by your possibilities! Here are so many people with different expertise who know to help you. And you will bring your knowledge to help others.  That is a real win/win situation!

Will I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

My recommendation banner


If you join us, please, let me know, and I have two bonuses for you, so you have an excellent start!

All the best,


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6 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate University- Education Never Stops!”

  1. Hey, Sylvia, thanks for sharing this review. I stumbled across your blog by accident and saw you have published a WA review so I wanted to share my opinion and experience with WA if you don’t mind. Anyway, I joined WA a few years ago as a complete newbie. I’ve had some minor experience with affiliate marketing, but nothing serious though. Long story short, thanks to the WA, I earn a consistent passive income online from my website. The training and all other features of WA can’t be found anywhere else. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning about affiliate marketing and making money online to join Wealthy Affiliate. Trust me. You won’t regret it!

    • Wow, Ivan! Thank you very much! I am glad you stumbled about my blog, so you confirm it; I am pleased! You are so right; the training is outstanding. And you are a great example that it works by having already created a passive income! I wish you continued success, Ivan! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Hey Sylvia, thank you for sharing this review of the Wealthy Affiliate university a training platform that I keep coming across time and time again.

    What I have noticed is that the amount of negative feedback that you will find is hardly worth bothering about so I guess they must be doing something right.

    The problem with the internet is it’s a breeding ground for scams and unscrupulous characters where all they are interested in is taking your money.

    It’s not often you come across a product that is worthy of your time but Wealthy Affiliate seems to have the hallmarks of one.

    Once again thanks

    • Hi Mick, Thank you very much for your comment! You are very right about Wealthy Affiliate. The negative feedback is something we can neglect; there are so many positive reviews, and the reason I can honestly say that they are great for affiliate marketing. I have never experienced it before, and I have already tried several affiliate marketers and their products. There are so many scams out there; it is awful! And I understand when people are very suspicious about joining or purchasing platforms and products. We all have a budget to spend and can’t overuse it. I wish you huge success! 🙂

  3. Hi Sylvie,

    Yes, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate for around two years now, so I vouch for everything you mentioned here. It’s indeed the best platform for people who like to build an affiliate marketing business because it has legitimate training, one keyword research tool, 24/7 site support, powerful features & functions, and the most friendly community in the industry. I love using it to build my site every day because it delivers and keeps things under-promise, so I don’t have to worry about other stuff.

    If people still don’t buy my words just like me in the first place(I didn’t trust WA before taking the free trial), you may use your email address to start your trial today to see how it works for you. If you don’t like it, you won’t lose a penny after all. But, I am sure you will love it as I did. 🙂


    • Hi Matt, Thank you so much for your comment! It is excellent you can confirm what I am saying, so people know it is true. There is nothing better out there than Wealthy Affiliate, for sure! And I am happy you already use it for nearly two years! Wow, I am only eight months with WA. You are a great inspiration! 🙂


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