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I know there are many reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, and blogs about Wealthy Affiliate cover the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate in 2021. Is it still worth joining this platform?

What do you think? After having studied many different affiliate marketing platforms, here is a rating graph of Wealthy Affiliate.

chart about services of Wealthy Affiliate University

I will show you some facts about this platform, and you can decide what you want to do. If you have no time to read, you can check out this link. 

Otherwise, please read what I have to say; it will not be too long. Many blogs about Wealthy Affiliate throughout the internet show already that they are real and people believe in this platform.

However, the internet is flooded with reviews about them. Google  “Review on Wealthy Affiliate,” and you will find lots of sites that proclaim them, which shows the efficiency of this platform.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Founded in 2005 by two friends from Canada, Kyle Loudon, and Carson Lim, already successful marketers, they created the platform to show people how to become successful entrepreneurs. They are still busy with the members and the platform in giving lessons or courses to help them succeed.

Carson is the head of technical support and helps members who have difficulties with SEO and technical things on their websites. However, they are still very present on the platform, sometimes commenting on blogs, chatting in live chat, welcoming new members, etc.

Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate

This platform has grown far over two million members online, an amazing number which shows that success via Wealthy Affiliate is real; testimonies are flooding the internet.

Actually, I joined them by accident; having searched for another affiliate marketing company, I stumbled over their website, feeling something I have never expected.

Many members have welcomed me, offered their help, and I could directly start building a website, learning from scratch all the tools I needed to build a site, how to blog, and build an affiliate business. I have already tried several others and never have experienced such a helpful community. That was completely new for me!

What Do You Learn at Wealthy Affiliate?

There are many different tools you will learn if you join them.

– Finding a Domain Name using SiteRubix, featured by Wealthy Affiliate.

– Building a Website with WordPress, you can choose from more than 3500 themes.

– Optimizing SEO( Search Engine Optimizing) so that your website will perform well technically.

– Rank Performance that people will find you online by searching the right keywords

– Keyword Research using Jaaxy to find the best scoring keywords for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Jaaxy is also available to show you your rankings on the search engines.

– Learn to write high-quality content that leads to the best rankings on the search engines using the right keywords.

– Organic Traffic Optimizing to get a lot of visitors to your site,

– Boosting Conversions to build a business that fulfills your dream income.

– Creating Knowledge by joining lessons and classes( videos)

– Using Social Media, learning how to use these platforms to drive traffic to your sites.

– Getting Help through other more experienced members and site support for technical stuff.

– Purchasing Own Domains, you can create between 10 and 50 websites.

That is a lot of what you can get.

Is There a Fee to Pay For the Membership?

Yes, and No!

You can start for free, creating one website, getting all the help you need, following one course. This is called a Starter membership; join here!

If you are serious about your business, I would always recommend upgrading.

There are two forms of membership where you can get all the points I have listed above, Premium or Premium Plus, join here!

Check the Chart Comparing Starters and Premium Membership

How Do the Courses Work?

There are two courses in blocks which you can join to learn everything from the beginning. There is a lot of space to ask your questions. You can study everything on the platform and listening to the classes additionally.

This is an example of a course built up logically to understand every step you need to take.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp lesson1

Bootcamp Lessons

A screenshot of a Life Class Video with Jay. You can see there are already 490 videos available in Premium Membership.

Life class with Jay, Wealthy Affiliate

You have so many options while joining Wealthy Affiliate that is worth the price of the membership already.

What I find very convincing are the testimonies of successful members. However, I will be honest, it is hard work, and success doesn’t come overnight. You need to invest many hours to get noticed by the search engines and ranked on positions where people who search the internet will find you.

You can set up a business for every niche, health, animals, fitness, etc. There are many affiliate programs you can join and proclaim on your website to earn an excellent income. But as it is the same for an offline business, you need patience, a strong mindset, determination and motivation, and time to allow Google to recognize you. But it is beautiful work, because it is for you, your business! That matters! 

Here are links to the testimonies of successful members.

These are only a few really successful members, but there are so many entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate who live a financially free lifestyle.

If you wish to live a financially free lifestyle, go for it! Join Wealthy Affiliate, and I will be there to welcome you with a bonus. Just let me know and contact me, and I will send you the bonus and be your coach! 🙂

You decide for yourself!

To Your Success,


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2 Thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate in 2021-Is It Still Worth It?”

  • Hi Sylvie,
    I don’t know them yet, but it sounds really interesting. Well, I have my local business, and people who maintain my website. So I am not thinking of building an online business, but certainly I would do, if I just work a job. Working a job is nothing for me, I love my freedom!
    With kind regards, Henk

    • Hi Henk, I understand that you are a busy businessman, you don’t need these articles. Having your own people maintaining your website is very convenient. I write for people who are wishing to build up an own online business.
      Lovely to hear from you!
      I wish you much success with your local business!
      Kind regards, Sylvie

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