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Wealthy Affiliate Platform, the chances are you have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate platform. Maybe you have heard of it but not given it a real thought. You better should! Why do I say this?

A Bit of My Story

Already for years searching the affiliate market and busy developing a business, I have tried out quite a lot with no real results. Many of these affiliate marketers promise you the world, showing you numbers of their income, only to make you wild and hungry to earn as much as they are earning.

My experience has shown that most affiliate marketers’ promises are scams, which doesn’t matter if this is the English, German or dutch market. Everywhere you have these wolves who are only interested in making money themselves, and you are a welcomed tool to reach that.

This site is meant to be for women who have a hard time surviving financially, and there are many. I will do my best to inform you of the best platforms and tools to set up an online business, getting you out of your dilemma wherever you live.

Believe me; it doesn’t matter. There are many affiliate programs and platforms to earn a really, very good income; you will find yours. And the good thing is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get going.

However, if you are a man reading my posts and living in a difficult situation, you are very welcome too.:)

How do we start? 

It will help if you have a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone and WiFi connection. That is all!

Laptop, paper and pen, smartphone and a cup of coffee besides, on a tableThere are so many free memberships to start with, so you don’t need to worry. Just check them out, and see if you like them. Wealthy Affiliate University also has a free starter membership, so you could use it to find out if you like the platform.

The most important is, if you are like me, you love to have a financially free lifestyle, be free to work, and live wherever you like. So, you need to find something that suits you.

Paying your monthly costs is essential, and if you have debts, you certainly need to find a job to get you going! Believe me; I know the burden of having debts.

I am in an age group where many women get divorced, living on a low income, trying desperately to survive. By telling you now that you will survive if you grab your chance and try to get on the internet to build up an online business, would you believe me?

You don’t know me; you hear about many affiliate marketers scamming the internet, promising you to become a millionaire very easily and quickly.

I wouldn’t believe it either because I have been there trusting people to help me, spending quite a lot of money that I couldn’t afford at that time. I had to squeeze my wallet!

But one thing I am happy with is that I trusted God and used my chance. I will tell you in a minute.

5 Points you should know

1. There is no get-rich-quick scheme!

If someone has told you this and tried to spend money on their product by promising you to get rich in some months, you better play the lottery. There is no get rich – quick scheme! This doesn’t exist! Every wealthy person has worked hard for his/her income, except you have wealthy siblings and inheritance to receive like the Hilton girls. That is an exception!

woman sitting on a bed, working on her laptopMost people have to work for their income and their riches. And that is good! You will value your work and the money you earn very much because you know how much work it took you to get there!

Affiliate marketing businesses take quite a bit of time to get working because you need to build a website, write content, promote it on social media, find affiliate programs to join, and especially people who read your posts to build up traffic interested visitors. That takes its time! And it depends on the business you have and the niche you choose. But don’t worry, you will understand!

More important is your mindset!

Do you want to get wealthy? Are you willing to spend the time it takes to make it flourish? This leads us to my next point.

2. There are many hours to spend!

I mentioned this already! If you think you don’t need to work anymore, you are mistaken. You need to spend many hours to reach your goal.

I started not knowing what to write, even I knew my niche, and there is a lot to write about. But writing in another language was a challenge for me in the beginning. My goal has been to set up a German website, but I have joined an English platform to get my English website running. That has cost me whole days of preparing the content, structuring, studying, and writing my content.

And it doesn’t matter if you write for yourself, or industry, or others; it will cost you time. If you are some months further, it will get easier, and you get used to it. This is with everything you do the case. Training makes you an expert; studying gives you knowledge, but practicing makes you a master. There are great tools like Grammarly that help you with the language. Without Grammarly, I am nothing!

Grammarly Banner

I will tell you; it is enjoyable to write content, real quality content to provide people with a solution to their problem. I love this!

3. Follow the training!

If you join an affiliate platform or other training to build an online business, don’t skip a step. Follow up the lessons to understand how to set up an online business. This is very important!

If you are skipping lessons because you are too impatient, you will get confused and discouraged and maybe finally quit before you have actually started. That should never happen!  Don’t ever stop! You will reach your goal in your time but follow every step of the training. Wealthy Affiliate has great courses where they teach you everything you need to succeed.

training courses at WA

4. Ask questions!

If you get stuck, ask questions. You can find many answers by googling your question, but there are always open questions left where you will not find an answer. I had many questions and couldn’t find my answers quickly, but I have been determined enough to find the answers.

If you have found a supportive platform as I did, you will not get lost, and there is always an expert responding to your question, which I value very much.

three women with laptops working, smiling, and watching Believe me; I have never experienced this kind of help before. I am already spending years searching the internet, buying products from so-called affiliate marketers, but actually being left alone.

You don’t need to waste years searching for good affiliate marketing training. It is right here. I will show you the best, absolutely supportive affiliate marketing platform I know.

5. If you are down, reach out to the community!

That is something precious that you don’t get out there. People are only interested in their own income and business. Please don’t be fooled! They promise you everything to get you to buy their products.

The community where I have created my business is a real ” pay it forward “community where each member helps the other.  And believe me, that is what you need! I have written a blog about it. Please read my blog ” pay it forward “!

You will come to a point where you feel down; you will surely want to quit your business many times. I tell you that is our nature, the human nature!

 BUT that is no option!!! 

You want to get out of your low-income social standard! And believe me, if you are determined to earn real money, you will get there! I want you to get there!

I am a woman like you, and I know many women in difficult living situations, which breaks my heart. Many of my friends have trouble with the financial side of life, and me knowing they can get themselves out of the mud; I find it difficult when they don’t want to know about the opportunities like affiliate marketing.

If you came to my site because you have looked up a possibility to earn a high online income, please take responsibility for your life and start doing something you love, earning money, and working from your home. Even it takes you two years to get there, what are two years of your life? Please, tell me!

If you are divorced like some of my friends are, don’t be depressed, but create a better life. Start doing something profitable, like building up your own online business! You will never regret it, never! You are worth becoming a wealthy woman!

But it is up to you to begin and set your goals towards “Winning”! It is a mindset! You will win!

What is a Wealthy Affiliate?

You might don’t know them, but maybe you already have heard of them. In my eyes, and the eyes of many others, it is the best Affiliate Platform. Check the reviews! 

Knowing many affiliate platforms already, I can honestly say this is the diamond under the Affiliate marketing platforms, and I am not exaggerating. There are about two million members and many success stories. You could be the next!

Start for free, build up a website, get every help you need, find enough time to look around, and make up your mind. But I tell you, if you are serious about setting up an online business and making money, you should really join this platform. Don’t stop yourself! I did it with myself, sabotaging myself because I heard that I am stupid and not owning anything. But we must not stay in this thought, because otherwise, it will become our own opinion about ourselves.

Check out my # 1 recommendation!

My recommendation banner

Girl, please don’t stay in your position, but try to get out! Take the chance! I am here to answer your questions if you like!


I wish you every success!



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4 Thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Platform- Make it Your Advantage”

  • You have a very wonderful looking website.  Very tasteful and calming. 

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate almost 2 years now and I have to say I still love this platform.  Just when you think you have your website under control, something pops up and you need help.  Being able to have support 24/7 for website security, help from fellow members and just the entire community is a life line.  I really couldn’t have done this without them.

    You are right, that there are scams of get rich quick everywhere, and one can easily fall into that.  That is why your post is going to be so helpful to people thinking of trying work online. Great job.

    The one thing I wanted to say was your font is to light so it makes it hard to read. You can edit this out if you want. 

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Coralie! I appreciate it very much! It is great to hear that you are already for years with this platform. 🙂 So you are confirming everything I am saying. You are so right! I wouldn’t want to miss them anymore. What I have learned here is amazing, and I would be so happy if many women will take their chances and try to get out of their financial situations. Thank you! 

      I made the colors stronger, so it is easier to read! 

  • Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us. Like you, I have been looking for online business and trying many different programs. Most of them are scam and they collect your money, but provide minimal services. It is nice to see that you provide sincere guidance for people who is interested in online business, particularly affiliate marketing business. I like your description on 5 Points you should know, which are very useful guidance.

    • Hi, Anthony! Thank you very much for your comment! You confirm me with your experiences! Yes, it is such a pity that people think they have to scam others. This is really the future, having an online business and buying financially independent. For me, the best way to live! I am sure you found your way too! 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your experiences!

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