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What is a successful affiliate marketer? What do you think?

I know most of us to think of someone who earns six figures of passive income, which is really very successful. Well, I think every one of us would love to earn such an income providing us with the possibility of living a life completely without any bondage, not to finances or to a government robbing our last cents. ( Joke) We all live in a country, and my opinion is that we all have to pay taxes because we need schools, kindergarten, parks that are taken care of, etc. The bad thing is happening if you live in a country where you pay so much taxes, about 50% and more, that you will never be able to save money for your own life.

And this is happening to many people; they are just stripped naked of their finances, not being able to go on holidays, buying something for their children, or eating healthy. If you struggle to meet your monthly or weekly expenses, but you work so much that you feel exhausted, then I tell you there is something wrong.

Maybe you would like to look into the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer. It might sound difficult for you, but actually, we all have to learn it from scratch. The most difficult is to be determined and stay motivated, especially if you have worked very hard to get your business rolling, noticing after some months, you still have only some visitors on your website and made no money yet. It is really frustrating! I can tell you from my own experience.

However, by being determined, you will finally reach your goal.

I am a member of a great platform because needing regular support, also emotionally by hearing from other people who are also struggling, keeps me motivated. I need social support! How about you?

If you are willing to work hard, you can make a 6 figure income.

Can you imagine such earnings and more?

how to become successful in affiliate marketing?

There are affiliate marketers who have figured out completely for themself searching the internet to set up an affiliate marketing business, and I admire them. I tried it and lost quite a lot of money, believing successful people who caught me with their enthusiastic marketing strategies, bringing me into a position of having to upsell. Something an honest affiliate marketer is not doing, instead he will offer help. The more marketers are becoming aggressive in their selling practices, the more you need to be aware. Follow me through this article, and I tell you more.

Affiliate Marketing Explained by Kyle Loudon

I will introduce you to two successful marketers, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, both founders of Wealthy Affiliate Platform. They started in 2009 with their business, a time where marketers still had to figure out many tools by themselves. Nowadays, you will find so much on YouTube, and many successful websites offer you their products to start with.

I told you already if you are new, you can get lost in the affiliate jungle. Be aware that there are so many wolves outside trying to catch you like a fish. That is reality! However, there are also very lovely supportive successful affiliate marketers who really will help you.

I have found them, Wealthy Affiliate, actually accidental because I was looking up Warrior Plus; also an upsell platform I have had bad experiences with. When I came to Wealthy Affiliate, I was blown away by the welcoming support I received. Amazing! Of course, I will receive a commission if you join them via my links, but affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate marketer, you do the same, promoting the products of others; however, you can do it honestly, promoting your experiences and recommendations or lying to people promoting only products you don’t know but receive huge commissions. I choose to be honest, helping you succeed.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to join, and for a good price. You can start for free and upgrade if you like it, something you will not often find on the internet world.

Check out Affilorama, and there you will find different prices, really expensive. They are quite good to join if you already have a well-working business and can afford the costs.

I will introduce to you today Kyle and Carson two success stories.  Here is Kyle talking about Affiliate Marketing in this video.

video Kyle about affiliate marketing

How to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Business?

I hope you listened to the video because you will learn from a real successful marketer. Setting up an online business, building a website, writing quality content, and linking to affiliate products is not difficult if you have a great mentor. At the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will set up a website in minutes, learn how to write high-quality blogs, apply for affiliate programs, and place the links on your blog posts. It is not difficult, but hard work, but finally, it is really worth it.

Build success at WA

I recommend that you try WA out for free. Still, if you are serious about becoming financially free, I tell you to stay with this business until you are surely free, surely have created a beautiful income you are content with.

And, believe me, you will, in your time.

I will introduce several successful Wealthy Affiliate Marketers to you in the next weeks, and you’ll see it might take two to three years, but you will get there if you are willing to invest the hours needed. I find their stories very motivational.

How do you set up an affiliate marketing business?

First, buy a domain and hosting.

Second choose a theme on WordPress or, or other platforms.

Third build your website using a website builder, like WordPress.

Fourth, create content that fits your niche. For example, if you are in Health and Wellness, you choose to write quality content about that topic. Write many blog posts so that search engines will see you as an authority; what will happen when you have written about 50 blogs that draw traffic to your site. You can read more in my blogs, where I explain every step to you.

Fifth, find affiliate programs to join, and place their links throughout your posts, but never more than two.

Sixth, write content, keep writing.

Seventh, improve search engine optimization!

Eighth, share on social media.

It is not easy, but an offline, local business is also not easy. You need to invest many working hours in succeeding.

How to Use a Good Platform to Reach Your Goal?

I tell you honestly, I couldn’t have done it without Wealthy Affiliate, and maybe you stop thinking that I want to have your money, but give yourself a real chance. I know from myself that I always have thought that they will only have my money but didn’t think that I want to reach my goal and want to earn an income. Otherwise, I wouldn’t spend my energy. So, what is wrong with others trying to make an income? I am the same, I am an affiliate marketer, building my business, but I also try to be honest to tell you what has a real chance out there to help you succeed. And for me, it is Wealthy Affiliate, but for many others too.

You can already join for free to investigate if this platform is for you, and believe me; there are not many that let you train and join for free, and creating already one website that can earn you money. I saw it very often with beginners who already earned money after one or two months. Amazing, it took me quite a while.

Here is a screenshot of the different memberships of Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out, and find the advantages. But you could always read my blog about WA.


A Success Story- Kyle Loudon and Carson Liam

Kyle and Carson started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005. While Kyle is giving lessons, classes, and supporting the members, Carson is the digital supportive person with his support team helping members with technical problems. Wealthy Affiliate has more than two million members and a rating of 98 out of 100. That is amazingly great!

They earn millions and invest it in their platform, helping others to succeed in their businesses. Of course, it is a win/win situation whereby members bring others to the platform, and the platform is staying alive. You will receive lifetime commissions, increasing your income. Does it sound good? I believe; to me, it does. However, this is not the only reason; I hope more people will get out of the hamster wheel and be free.

If you look up how long they have been in the affiliate business, you will see that this is hard work and dedication to reach this goal. They have created an affiliate marketing platform where it is all about community, created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry, which makes 16 years of helping people and progress on the market. Being successful means improving each day and making today a better tomorrow.

Here are Kyle and Carson and their team!

What is a successful Affiliate MarketerCarson Liam, Wealthy AffiliateKC,Wealthy Affiliate

Aaron, Wealthy Affiliate

Jay, Wealthy Affiliate

Final Thought

Try it, try it, try it! I only can say try it out! Don’t let others come into your way. I will show you many success stories in the next weeks and hope to convince you to join and create an income you have always dreamt of. My dream is to create a pension independent of the state, to live my life; Wealthy Affiliate will help me, I know for sure. And please, don’t let anybody stop you from your goals; whatever they are, they are your dream. Make them visible! Make them successful!

Successful people at WA
Try it Out Here!

Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to be able to help you!

To Your Success,


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2 Thoughts on “What is a Successful Affiliate Marketer?”

  • I like your honest and transparent review and information of Affiliate marketing

    There are no sugar coated buttons but just honesty in how we go about being successful in this online business

    I really appreciate this because I recently started this journey.
    Even though this is a very competitive and challenging journey, the way you wrote about it make it manageable.

    It is also very inspiring that I was able to listen to proof of success from a successful entrepreneur who is still in the business after 15 years.

    Now that is spurring me on to continue. There is indeed hope that if I continue to work hard and follow the steps that you gave, I will be successful.

    Thank you for this awesome review. It has left me lots of things to reflect on.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Simone! I appreciate it very much that you sense my honesty and transparency about this business. It is essential for me.
      You have started this journey, and I will motivate you to keep building your business, writing quality content. You will certainly, after a time, maybe months or years, being successful. Never give up; the time will come. You could be very close to your breakthrough. I wish you much success! 🙂
      You might want to read this post.

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