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It seems like everybody is doing affiliate marketing these days, and that for a good reason. In “what is affiliate marketing for beginners,” I will explain understandable and straightforward what affiliate marketing contains and how you can start earning money with affiliate marketing.

There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing, and if someone tells you that this is simple and quickly made money, they lie. With a good training platform, you easily create a website you can use for e-commerce or blogging; everything you need, you can learn. It is the same as in every profession. That is no problem.

But the problem starts when you have to invest a lot of effort without reaping the fruits, already working for months. You might lose patience and stop before you have a chance.

Affiliate marketing takes time!

Some people already make money after some months, have invested lots of hours daily besides their full-time job, to see finally the first fruits coming in. If you start your online business you need to have perseverance and by being determined you will not lose your goal out of your eyes.

It is essential to know that depending on your niche; it might take several months to a yea

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r before seeing some results. You need traffic, and if you are like me, not so keen on social media, it even takes more time to receive visitors, so-called traffic on your website. Sharing your blogs or products on social media helps very much to attract people to your website. But even writing a blog three times a week or every day makes a huge difference. Writing a blog every day will bring you traffic faster. We will go into details now.

What Do You Need for Affiliate Marketing?

It is good to think and plan everything you need to build up a business in affiliate marketing. You better start thinking about it, doing research, instead of joining quick several different platforms, losing the money you need for other tools.

I did this, and I lost quite a lot of money without accomplishing anything. It is not fruitful and will leave you frustrated. I have had these bad experiences, and you don’t need to make them if you follow my advice. But of course, you might understand quicker and want to make your own experiences.

Fine! I am sure I can learn from you as well. It is so beautiful that we are all different with our God-given talents.

Well, what do we need to build an affiliate marketing business?

1) a Website. Creating an affiliate business is also working without a website, but it has become more challenging to drop affiliate links throughout the internet without having a website. Google blocks it, and people don’t like you spamming their comment section with affiliate links.

2) Domain Name. This is actually before building a website. You need to know what you want to blog about and better choose a domain that links to your topic, but you can always use, and that is very recommendable, your name to build your brand. Choosing a domain is not expensive, and there are different platforms where you can purchase a domain. Very often, they also offer a hosting platform where your website is hosted.

3) Hosting. This is also necessary. Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet.

Bluehost banner4) a Niche. A niche is a particular theme, like everything about cats or horses, health and wellness, fashion, etc. The best would be to choose a theme you love or is your hobby, like sewing. This provides you with knowledge and passion as a result of finding enough topics to write about. As a beginner, you will go easy because there is so much to do and learn. Choosing a topic where you are passionate about is a guaranty for you to write posts regularly.

5) Blogs. You will not be able to apply for an affiliate program or joining a platform if you don’t have a good amount of written posts that attract traffic for your website, meaning visitors or readers of your posts. Many affiliate companies will not accept you if you don’t have a certain amount of traffic. I made this experience. It takes quite a time to receive visitors to your website. So the most important is writing high-quality content persistently.

6) Keyword Research Tool. This is a tool I have already written a blog about it. It is essential to have specific keywords in your posts, helping search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and others to rank your posts high enough, preferable on their first page so that people searching for a particular topic will find your article and website.

Well, that is called traffic, organic traffic. There is other traffic from social media if you share your posts on social media or coming from referrals. Better is to try getting primarily organic traffic that is an essential factor for the affiliate companies to see if you get enough visitors who might buy their products via your affiliate link.

How to Start Blogging?

You have purchased a domain name, chosen a good website theme, maybe from WordPress or Wix, have found a hosting platform, like Bluehost or HostGator, and you start to build your website. In WordPress, you will find everything you need to create a website; there are even YouTube Videos where people explain how to use plugins and elements to build a beautiful website.

When you have your website designed, you can start to write quality content using WordPress or Microsoft Word. The best is to start finding a topic; for example, you might want to write about immunity or vitamins in the health niche.

Now it is time to do keyword research using the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool or Google to find a great keyword to rank high. I recommend reading my blog about keyword research tools for a better understanding. If you have found a good keyword, you start writing your content using this keyword. For every new article, your search for another good keyword. This is how to build up a trustworthy website with many blogs, which the search engines will place on their first site.

Keep in mind that you write for SEO, but most importantly, you write for your visitors. They have a need, and you will meet this need, their questions with an article that answers their questions.

For getting a good amount of traffic, organic traffic, you will at least need six months and more to get recognized by people searching the internet. That is the time people start earning money with their website, depending on the niche.

If you can manage to write every second day, you are already doing your best and will undoubtedly create traffic.

Finding Affiliate Programs to Join

When you have written about twenty posts, you can apply for affiliate programs to place links in your posts or creating landing pages that refer to companies. There are huge affiliate platforms, like Shareasale, Rakuten, Awin, Clickbank, Max Bounty, Digistore, etc., you could join. That is convenient because they have listed the products under specific themes, and this makes it easy for you to pick your niche products and start including your affiliate links. Many people join Amazon or Google Adsense; the last makes it easy by their automatic ad placement. You don’t need to do anything, only to apply to Google Adsense and be accepted.

Rakuten Marketing Welcome ProgramIf visitors are coming to your website, they might click on an image, and even, they might not read your posts, there is still a possibility that they will buy a product or more.

If you have 500 visitors per day, and that could be even more, you will earn quite a good amount of money. There are many testimonies of affiliate marketers who earn a high income every day as a blogger.

Promoting Products

Promoting products is very simple, and if you have a local website in the tourism branches or real estate branches, you could join local companies. I have a lifestyle blog about beautiful, sustainable topics, like fashion, travel, garden, lights, etc.  There is so much I can blog about and placing affiliate links provided by sustainable companies, also real estate companies that sell houses made from sustainable materials, or interior design companies that sell furniture made of organic materials.

Ash & Rose, banner

I can do so much for our environment and still blog about using fewer plastics or preventing polluting water. There are so many products you could promote, and especially cars, fashion, cosmetics, vitamins, weight loss products are going very well. Suppose you are googling a specific topic like fashion companies and affiliates. In that case, you will receive lots of affiliate companies that offer you tools to promote their products, like banners, links, videos. So, don’t worry! There is so much out there; it seems like 70 % of companies are doing affiliate to reach more customers.

How to Earn Money Building an E-commerce Website?

You have certainly heard about Dropshipping, which was a boom years ago. Still, many people use eCommerce for their business, building a webshop with products, selling them via their site, but let the company where the items are coming from deal with the shipping.

Many people create a webshop using Ali baba products, a Chinese online company, where you can buy for little money all kinds of things. The trick is that the people creating an online webshop sell these items for a higher amount of money, as Ali Baba asks for these products, and people still think it is pretty cheap, so they purchase these items.

The market is not regulated, and it is allowed to do this. Of course, people who have to spend more money on these products and learn later they have paid more for their product will feel cheated. It happened to me, and I felt betrayed. If you are interested in e-commerce, you could open an account on Shopify and building your website.

Affiliate marketing has many possibilities to offer. If you are interested in training and support, learning everything you need from creating websites to building an online business, receiving hosting, website builder, courses, and classes with experts, you might want to join Wealthy Affiliate University. On this platform, you can join for a small fee and receiving every support you need! It is convenient if you are not interested in researching and finding out by yourself, like me. I am pretty much lost, doing this by myself.

Final Thought

For beginners, it can be not very clear building a website, blogging, and learning how to earn money online using affiliate programs. But if you know the first steps, everything else will follow. The beginning is always tricky! It is essential that you practice, writing high-quality content is the vital activity you need to do for your website, which is not always easy. I know this; there are days you don’t have the energy and pleasure of sitting and writing posts. I am not a native English speaker, which made it difficult for me initially, but I love the English language, making me choose to write content in English. I have lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland, and the love of a Dutchman has brought me to the Netherlands. Otherwise, I still would live in this beautiful Ireland. This is life, how it happens! 😉

Don’t worry about affiliate marketing; you will learn it as I did.

Please let me know what your experiences are! I would love to know! And don’t hesitate if you need my help!:)

To Your Success,


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