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You heard of people making big money writing blog posts and promoting affiliate products, and your goal might be building up an online business creating content in a certain niche. It is a good plan, and you might have read about the successful Affiliate Marketers who earn 6 – figures proclaiming products of others or their own.

There is the other side people don’t want to see. Why do most blogs fail to make money? The ugly truth is that about 80 % of blogs fail each year. 5% of bloggers creating content and promoting affiliate products earn huge money, while about 8 % earn some money to support their family or some extra money besides their jobs. The truth is that most affiliate marketers who try to earn money with blogging and affiliate programs will fail within their first year.

What is happening?

Why do most blogs fail to make money?
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Blogging to Create An Income

Most people start to blog because they want a better lifestyle, work from home, be the boss of their own time and life, and be financially independent of a stressful, low-paid job. So the possibility of living in another country, while being able to have lots of quality time, is tempting and, of course, a great way of living a life free of unnecessary pressure, all absolutely understandable.

If you love writing, you certainly have an advantage. I love writing, and I am writing in English, which is not my mother tongue, but I have already started writing content in German and will soon start creating articles in Dutch. Luckily there is a program online you can join for correcting the grammar and words. It is Grammarly, and without it, I wouldn’t write in English, but even then, I make mistakes. So if you want to create a blogging website, you better purchase them; especially it is not expensive and last a year.

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Blogging is a great tool to earn money, especially in affiliate marketing, but you might need to write content for one or two years before seeing any results before you earn some money. I explained this process in another blog post about creating an affiliate marketing business or online business. It is the same with a local business, you will have lots of competition, and need first gaining a reputation.

Building up his business took my husband bankrupt, several years of hard work to regain his reputation. While he has grown his business, buying leads and investing energy and hard work, he worked cleaning houses and offices. Very often, he looked dreadful because he felt so exhausted. But I really admire him for not have stopped investing in his business despite the many tiring hours he worked for a low-paid job to finance his business. For me, he is a real businessman, like Henry Ford and Walt Disney, who also had a lot of resistance trying to make their businesses work, but finally have succeeded.

It would help if you had determination and consistency for search engines to see you are committed and visitors who need a good website to find their answers. And absolutely for yourself, to be the next successful affiliate marketer, people love such stories!

Promoting your posts on all social media platforms is a must if you want people to engage and share your creation. I am not so fond of social media, but social media is essential for your business.

I made a huge mistake in the beginning. As a starter, you better create one website and write quality content daily, so you get easier ranked on the first page of the search engines. Then, people searching the internet will find your website and posts very quickly, which creates much organic traffic. I will tell you in a minute.

When I started to create my website and write regular content, I started to create two other websites, and all the content I wrote I had to share between the three websites slowed down my progress. If I had written my 140  articles for one website, I would have had organic traffic within 6 months.

However, in the eighth month, I still had meager traffic on my websites and only relatively few posts on all websites, which was not enough. Therefore, I recommend that you stick to one website and produce high-quality content daily; the best is writing reviews that help people decide. It is a great way to earn a recurring commission and, in this way, to increase your income and the possibility of an independent lifestyle.

website one:

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website two:



Quality Content and Affiliate Marketing

Before you can register for affiliate programs, you better have many posts on your website and traffic; otherwise, the companies will decline your request. I had some experiences of companies declining my registration, and even when I already have registered due to a lack of traffic, they still declined me. So, it is better to wait to join affiliate programs but instead to concentrate on content creation, promoting on social media, and to drive traffic to your articles and sites.

If people are not interested in your content, there will be no point in placing affiliate links or banners. However, engaged readers who comment on your posts and ask questions are a good opportunity, so you can guide them to other content you have created and finally to your affiliate products by sending them to a landing page. Many Affiliate Marketers work with landing pages because they can tell their customers what to do by integrating a call to action button.

Depending on your niche and visitors, you could better stick to promote them on one social platform, create a business site, and join groups in your niche. Then, you will very quickly know what the people are looking for and checking on their needs. This certainly helps to create organic traffic. I hear very often that Facebook might be a good choice. However, I like Pinterest, but it certainly depends on your niche and the age group of the interested visitors.

The great idea is to provide free training bringing your visitors to purchase the affiliate products you promote. You could make a series of videos providing training, for example, “How to build a website from scratch?” While you introduce the training, you could show the products to your audience.

Many people want to live a better and financially free life without any pressure, just like you and me; you will certainly have enough potential buyers. And helping them by providing free training is surely desirable. You don’t need to earn money for everything you do. I write reviews without asking for any commission, just helping people with my view of the product, so it is easier for them to decide if they want to purchase it or not.

The Big Lie

Many affiliate marketers promise you the world, but only to get the advantage of you and especially your money. Many reviews are false due to the desire to make money. You can’t just trust everyone, especially these days; so many people are creating online businesses. Earning quick money is something some people desire without even have any morality.

a suit case with many dollars
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I experienced this many times, and I think I will write reviews about these people and their products and tactics, so you might not experience the same.

If someone says you will earn quick money with blogging and affiliate marketing, and you are a beginner without having any skills, I tell you that this is not true. It is not possible! The very successful marketers have worked very hard to succeed, and it took them years to establish. So why do you think that you are entitled to earn big money without having to work?

You might not want to hear this, but you need to have determination, patience, and consistency, not losing your motivation. Believe me; I have been very often very close to just giving up. Building an affiliate marketing business will cost you many tears, and you will experience many days where you feel low

. First, you need to build up a reputation with search engines( algorithm) and your visitors. Depending on your niche, you might take longer to have your first sale, but you will finally sell a product via your site just by keep going. There are many ways of promoting affiliate products; using landing pages is very effective, but also several social media platforms are great for advertisement. If you create organic or paid traffic, it doesn’t matter. However, if you have some money to spend, paid advertisements are excellent to earn some money.

Otherwise, it is better to write, promote the post on social media, and optimize the search engine to get better rankings. This is done by a proper keyword that you could search for on Google or using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy or SemRush. The keyword is essential to get a higher ranking, so people searching for your topic will find your website. Concentrate on these strategies, and later when you have some traffic, you could include affiliate products. It takes some stress off you. You don’t need to put yourself under stress.

Consistency and Motivation

These two you will need to keep going your online path. Consistency in creating content, quality content, and motivation to be consistent. It is a pity if you have come so far and finally stop. Your websites and domain names are worth gold. In these times where so many people are building an online business, they need domain names, and you could sell them for quite a lot of money.

a real estate with swimming pool
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Your websites are worth money. They are the real estate properties these days. So don’t just stop, leaving them alone. I told you in the beginning that about 80 % of the websites every year are getting abandoned. You could sell your websites. Nowadays, people buy them offering you even bitcoins. Be careful because all these opportunities have also created a dark contrary side, inviting cybercriminals to rob people.

Every business needs some time to grow; an online business is no exception. But with the right people and platform, it is far easier to resist the temptation of stopping your dream.

I will not leave without mentioning my recommendation; without I wouldn’t have been able to keep pressing through. You receive all support, training, classes, and emotional, mental support you need. You even can join for free and check out if this platform is for you before you upgrade to a paid membership which is not expensive for an affiliate marketing platform.

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Final Thought

Why do most blogs fail to make money? It is unfortunate to see so many in the beginning very motivated people declining their online businesses due to difficulties coming along their way. Sadly, about 80% are stopping with their websites instead of going the extra mile and pressing through. Many beginners don’t have the right support to help them with their questions and insecurities. Giving up is not the option, but going further, finding help, getting motivated by the 20 % of people who have their success stories, living a financially free lifestyle. Don’t give up!

If you have any questions or need help, please let me know in the comment section or subscribe to my email. I would love to help you!

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2 Thoughts on “Why Do Most Blogs Fail to Make Money? The Ugly Truth!”

  • Hi Sylvie, a very good post. And it is so true! I failed because I couldn’t find the time to write so much content, and it took me ages to get a rank in Google, so I stopped my website and left it alone. Now I have a local business, and actually I have experienced the same. For building a business we need a long breathe, and then it is working! Thank you again!

    • Hi Henk, you might want to start again. At Wealthy Affiliate, it is straightforward with all the training and support to learn how to build a website and to grow an online business. It just takes hard work, motivation, and determination. You will reach your goal! I think you have shown to have strong willpower to set up a local business. Why should you not get the same results with an online business? 🙂

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